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Empire of Sin – Faction Rating & Ranking Guide

Empire of Sin - Faction Rating & Ranking Guide

Faction Rating

Faction Rating is a basic measure of how another gang feels about you, running from -500 to 500. You’ll start on zero with most factions, except for gangs run by bosses who have the same personality type or heritage as you. Otherwise, faction rating is impacted by various actions – starting up new rackets, doing favors, going to war. Everyone will have an opinion on almost everything you do, for better or worse. Your rating with a faction will affect how successful you are at performing diplomatic actions with them, such as asking to trade or forming an alliance.



Faction Ranking

The rankings are split into different categories covering most aspects of running a criminal empire in Windy City. They are:


  • Strength: A ranking of strength over all the gangs in the city, from strongest to weakest. Strength is based on a combination of your net income and how many gangsters you have in your crew. The bigger your empire, crew, and income, the stronger you’ll be overall.


  • Cash: A ranking of which gang is holding the most money currently.


  • Alcohol: A ranking of which gang is producing the most alcohol currently.


  • Rackets: A ranking of which gang has the most rackets currently.


These numbers may appear insignificant at a glance, but they can help you keep a close eye on how well you’re competing with other gangs and can be a good insight into what areas you may want to improve so that you don’t lose your foothold to another gang.


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