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NBA 2K22 Tips: How to Get A+ Teammate Grade Every Time

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  • When playing offense, you should focus on hitting the gym and getting a good teammate score. Try not to dominate the court, and stick to your position. This is because messing up can lead to you getting a lower teammate score.


  • Try and learn the play style of each player and then only take open shots. It would help if you also learned how to play as a part of the team and assist your teammates with screens whenever possible. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t over-dribble as this will lead to a turnover. When a turnover is caused, you should immediately run back to defend against the opposing team.


  • When on defense, the goal is to keep the opposing team from scoring whenever possible. Make use of locking on as this will help you to stick to a player. However, don’t always do this because it won’t be useful in some situations. Any good defensive move such as blocking a shot or stealing the ball will boost your teammate’s grade.


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