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NBA 2K22: Choosing Your Takeover


Choosing Your Takeover

In NBA 2K22, there are a total of 8 Takeovers. The options will vary based on your position and build. These are all of the available Takeovers in the game. The Takeover is a unique gaming mechanic that can help you improve your performance. You will try to fill up a meter by constantly playing well, and if you make mistakes, it will drop. The more common basketball slang term is “heat check,” which refers to when players start to get into a rhythm and regularly perform better. When the Takeover meter reaches 3/4 or full, click the R3 button to activate your player’s chosen Takeover. Depending on your Takeover, this Takeover will boost your total stats by 5 to 10 ratings. If you have the Playmaking Takeover, your Ball Handling, Pass IQ, Speed With Ball, Passing Accuracy, and Vision will increase by ten ratings. The magical part about Takeovers is that they can push you beyond the 99-rating limit. If you already have a 99 Ball Handling rating, the Takeover will raise it by ten points, putting you above the limit with a 109 Ball Handling rating.


  • Slashing


  • Lockdown Defender


  • Rim Protector


  • Glass Cleaner


  • Spot Up Shooter


  • Playmaking


  • Shot Creator


  • Post Scoring


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