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Surviving Mars – Choosing a Location to Land

Surviving Mars - Choosing a Location to Land

The Mars has various rocket icons or colony sites available for you to choose from if you are having trouble deciding where to go. These locations typically contain a large abundance of resources, few disasters, and a decently large building area, perfect for people starting out or not wanting too hard of a time. Feel free to choose anywhere on the map, however, as you are not restricted to those sites at all, and you even have a random option if you just don’t want to choose.



Choosing a Location to Land

As for the other stats on the right of the screen, besides the name of the landing site and the coordinates, you also have the following:


  • Average Altitude: Note that wind turbines have a higher efficiency rating at higher altitudes


  • Mean Temperature: Can help measure how much of the map will be frozen.


  • Topography: Can help measure how much of the map is buildable, as well as whether or not the map is separated by cliffs, etc.


  • Resources: Displays the availability of metals, concrete and water in the area. The more bars that are filled, the more you will find.


  • Threats: These will cause various issues for you colony to survive against. Same as above, the more bars that are filled, the more frequent that threat/disaster will occur.


Dust devils are martian tornados that cause anything hit by it to require immediate maintenance, or can even be destroyed. They can move rather erratically, making predicting where they will move a little hard. They will disappear after a while.


Dust Storms will cause the entire map to be covered in clouds of dust, preventing water vaporators and MOXIES from working, and solar panels will also see a power production reduction. Wind turbines however will see an increase in power production during this time. Due to all the dust, all outdoor facilities will require maintenance faster.


Meteors can be hell on Mars, or blessings in disguise. A warning will show the area a meteor will hit just before impact. Anything within the impact area will be damaged, requiring immediate maintenance, with repeated impacts on the same facility can cause it to become destroyed, at which point it can only be rebuilt or cleared (if you have that tech researched).


Cold waves cause the entire map to freeze over. Any facility in the cold requires more power to continue operating, while water towers will freeze over. There are several facilities that can heat the surrounding area later in the tech trees, but before then, you will simply need to have more power and power storage to get through the cold wave.


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