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Surviving Mars – Colonist Perks Guide

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Beneficial traits, representing various talents and abilities of the Colonist:



Perk – Description

Celebrity – Generates Funding when in the Colony.


Composed – All sanity losses are halved.


Enthusiast – Increased performance boost when at high Morale.


Fit – More health recovered when resting. Can work when health is low. +Exercise


Gamer – Gains sanity while gaming. +Gaming


Genius – Generates Research when in the Colony.


Hippie – Gains twice as much Comfort in gardens and parks.


Nerd – Gain a temporary Morale boost every time a new technology is researched.


Party Animal – Gains additional Comfort when satisfying social interest. +Social


Saint – Raises the Morale of all Religious people in the Dome. Benefits stack with each additional Saint.


Sexy – Greatly increased birth rate.


Survivor – Loses less Health without food, water, oxygen, or when living in an unpowered Dome.


Religious – Higher individual base morale. Low sanity never leads to suicide.


Rugged – No comfort penalties when eating unprepared food or having no residence.


Workaholic – Individual performance increased by 20, no penalty for heavy workloads.


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