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Surviving Mars PC Keyboard Shortcuts and Bindings

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The default control scheme for Surviving Mars for PC is:




Pan Up – W or Up Arrow


Pan Down – S or Down Arrow


Pan Left – A or Left Arrow


Pan Right – D or Right Arrow


Rotate Camera Left – Q


Rotate Camera Right – E


Pause Game – Space or Pause


Speed Up – + or Numpad +


Slow Down – or – Numpad –


Toggle High Speed – Numpad *


Rotate Building Left – R


Rotate Building Right – T


Build Menu – B


Map Overview – M


Deploy Orbital Probe – X


Reset Camera – Home


Radio – Y


Resupply Screen – P


Research Screen – H


Colony Overview – O


Milestones – L


Next Dome – Page Up


Previous Dome – Page Down


Salvage Selected – Delete


Last Notification – Backspace


Last Constructed Building – End


Power Cables – C


Pipes – V


Large Solar Panel – J


Power Accumulator – K


Solar Panel – N


Universal Depot – U


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