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Surviving Mars – Flaws

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Detrimental Traits, representing various flaws and disabilities of the Colonist:



Flaw – Description

Alcoholic – Work performance lowered by 10. Can be caused by Sanity breakdowns. +Drinking


Chronic Condition – Loses Health each day.


Coward – Double Sanity loss from disasters. Can be caused by Sanity breakdowns.


Idiot – Can cause a malfunction at the workplace (10% chance). Malfunctioning buildings stop working and require maintenance.


Gambler – Has a 50% chance to lose 20 Sanity when visiting a Casino. Can be caused by Sanity breakdowns. +Gambling


Glutton – Eats double rations. Can be caused by Sanity breakdowns. +Dining


Hypochondriac – Will randomly visit Medical buildings and take Sanity damage if unable to do so. +Medical


Lazy – Individual performance decreased by 20 at all jobs.


Loner – Loses Comfort every day while living in a Dome with population over 30. -Social


Melancholic – Increased performance penalty when at low Morale. Can be caused by Sanity breakdowns.


Whiner – Loses Sanity when low on Comfort.


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