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Bus Simulator 21: Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks


The latest installment of the iconic franchise, Bus Simulator 21, adds in an abundance of new features and improvements. You will have the option to try 15,000 customizations on 40+ buses. The game occurs in popular places in Europe and the USA.


We thought since Bus Simulator 21 is out now, it would be nice to provide you with this handy little guide on how to become a successful business owner in the brand new town of Angel Shores.



1.  Choose Your Experience

  • The first thing you need to do is make your digital bum, name your bus company, and select your playing style before you can start the game.


  • Choose “Day Tripper” from the “Choose Your Experience” menu if you’re a beginner. It will provide you with the most basic driving settings without requiring you to fiddle with all of the knobs and dials.



2.  Select Your Bus

  • Choosing a starter bus will be your first task. You can only pick one from the three options, just like in Pokemon. Later in the game, once you’ve earned enough money, you can buy the other buses.


  • For now, pick which bus appeals to you. I don’t think it matters which bus you choose. The most important thing is to get the engines going. Pulling R2/RT and zipping away isn’t as simple as it seems.



3.  Start Engine

To start the engine, you must perform the following steps.


  • A radial menu will appear when you press left on the D-Pad.


  • At the top of the wheel, click on the engine icon.


  • Then press X/A to start the engine after selecting the key icon.


  • After selecting the gearbox icon, go to the next icon from the top.


  • When the parking brake is disengaged, press X/A.


  • Accelerate with R2/RT, brake with L2/LT, and reverse with L3.



4.  First Bus Stop

  • Your first bus stop is located on the forecourt so that you can leave the forecourt and head there. It’s as simple as using a GPS and adhering to traffic laws. Simply park at the bus stop and let the passengers in, and you’re ready to go.


  • Your minimap will display the bus stop on the left side of the screen. When you pull up to the bus stop, slow down gently and indicate. You can indicate left by using the Left Trigger/L2 and right by using the Right trigger/R2.


  • It would be best if you used R1 to signal when you’re approaching the stop and L1 to signal when you’re pulling out of the stop. By doing these simple things, you’ll improve your rating and earn more money.



5.  Turn Lights in Dark

There is nothing more dangerous than riding in the dark, so make sure there are lights on inside your bus. In Bus Simulator 21, you can turn on the lights by following these steps:


  • Press the left D-Pad button to open the radial menu


  • Then click on the light icon.


  • Toggle on/off the lights by pressing the X/Square button for the headlights (bottom left) or Y/Triangle for the inside lights.



6.  Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

  • Bus Simulator 21 allows you to set up multiple companies. Select “New Game” from the main menu. You can select one of your companies under “Pick company.”


  • With the help of the timetable feature, you can assign buses to routes. Even if you don’t drive the buses, they will leave and return to the depot on their own, generating revenue for your business. NPC bus drivers will work full-time from 4:00 a.m. to midnight. Only during peak times will buses be driven automatically.


  • Choose “Fast Travel” in the top left corner after left-clicking the bus stop, depot, dealership, or paint shop you want to visit. Fast Traveling with buses may or may not be allowed, depending on your preferences. These options can be changed under Company Settings>Quick Travel with Buses.


  • The Server Browser allows you to join open Multiplayer lobbies. Go to the Main Menu and select Multiplayer from the drop-down menu.


We hope you found this guide helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any other tips or tricks to contribute to this guide. As soon as your comment is approved, we’ll update this guide.


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