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Animal Shelter Simulator – Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Animal Shelter 1

Do you remember the aspirations you had as a child? Perhaps you wanted to be someone special, someone who made a difference in the world. As time goes by, those dreams may seem distant, and you may feel a twinge of sadness when you think about what could have been. Yet, life has a way of bringing back memories and emotions that were once suppressed.


People encounter various life events that can trigger deep-seated feelings, reminding us of what we once wanted to achieve and who we once wanted to be. In this fast-paced world, it can be easy to get caught up in responsibilities and forget what truly brings us happiness. That’s why games like Animal Shelter are so important.


Animal Shelter is a game that brings out the inner child in you. It’s a game where you take in stray or donated animals, care for them, groom them, play with them, and finally find them new homes. This game provides an opportunity to remember the joys of caring for others and the satisfaction of making a positive impact on their lives.




Animal Shelter 2 1


You’re the proud owner of an animal shelter, and your goal is to prepare your furry friend for adoption. The game starts by asking if you want to care for a cat or a dog. Currently, Animal Shelter supports only two animals, but more are planned for future updates, so stay tuned.




Animal Shelter 3


The gameplay is easy to understand and enjoyable. The cheerful tone of the game is reflected in the soft color palette and gentle background music, which helps create a pleasant atmosphere.


While the graphics may not be outstanding, they are not the main attraction of Animal Shelter Simulator. The game is meant to uplift spirits and provide a distraction during times of sadness. It’s also a great opportunity to spend quality time with children and teach them the importance of caring for living creatures before they get a pet of their own.



How to play

Taking them in

Animal Shelter 5


Not sure what to do next? Hover over the “checklist” icon on the top left to view your current and completed objectives. Your first task as owner is to go to your office and pick a pet to take in on your first day.


Go to the office, left-click on the computer, and select the ‘Pets to take in’ option. You will see a list of available animals (you’ll only receive one on the first day).


The selected animal will arrive at your shelter by van and you must take it to the designated enclosure (cats and dogs have separate enclosures).



Animal charts

Animal Shelter 10 Animal chart


All animals have a chart that displays their levels of adaptability, hunger, thirst, bladder, fun, hygiene, and health. You earn bonus points and money if their special traits match a customer’s requirements.


2 1



Buying items

Animal Shelter 11 Buy food


Throughout the game, you’ll have to buy several items such as food, medicine, decorations, etc. To do so, go to the online shop on your computer and order whatever you need for the day.


All orders are delivered by a drone, which is a nice touch to square things off.



Feeding animals

Animal Shelter Simulator - Beginner’s Guide


To feed your little buddies, you’ll have to open the delivery box, take out the food and water. Place them in your inventory so that you don’t have to go back and forth between the kennel and the delivery box.



Grooming animals

The next step involves grooming those adorable little beasties. Some pets are often injured, infested with parasites, or dirty. You can wash them, treat their injuries, and even remove bloodsucking ticks using tweezers in the demo version. As far as simulators go, Animal Shelter offers a legit experience.



Putting up advertisements

Now that your animal is all happy and healthy, it’s time to snap a picture and put them up for adoption. Once you’ve bought the camera, you’ll have to take the dog out to the grass and take a photo.


A green paw appears at the top right corner of the camera, which indicates that the animal is in focus and you should take the picture.




Head over to your computer and select the scanner. Once the photo is scanned, select your pet and click ‘Find a new Home.’




Upload the photo you took earlier and post the advertisement.



Adoption time!

Someone will soon contact you via mail. If your pet has the required traits, you can ask them to visit your shelter and pick up their pet.


Not long after, a van will arrive to take the pet to its new home. Simply pick them up and drop them beside the van for them to crawl into it.




Now you’re ready to run your pet shelter.



Parting thoughts

Animal Shelter is a one-of-a-kind simulator, and although it’s very, very early in the development stage, the game has a lot of potential. Hopefully, this guide has helped you get started with this masterpiece. Stay tuned for more guides in the future. Happy gaming!


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