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Animal Shelter Simulator – Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Animal Shelter 1

Do you remember when you were a child, you wanted to become someone special when you grew up? It almost feels like a distant dream, and you can’t help but feel a little sad when you think about what could have been. People come across various events in their daily lives. Events that stir up deep-seated feelings that were once suppressed under daily responsibilities.


Animal Shelter is one of those games that bring out the inner child in you. It’s a game where you take in stray or donated animals, take care of them, groom them, play with them and finally get them ready for adoption. Animal Shelter Simulator is a game of healing and rediscovering yourself as a kind and loving soul who gives new life to abandoned, stray and lost animals.



Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a guide on Animal Shelter Simulator, a genuinely nice game with the potential of securing a place in the Simulator Hall of Fame.




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You are the proud owner of an animal shelter, and the goal of the game is to prepare your little buddy for adoption. At the start, the game asks if you want to take care of a cat or a dog. Animal Shelter only supports two animals for now since it’s only the Prologue, but rest assured, more animals will be introduced in later updates, so stay tuned for that.




Animal Shelter 3


The gameplay is nice and easy to understand. The happy-go-lucky mood of the game is reflected in the mild color tones and subtle ambient music, which really sets in the mood.


Although the graphics are nothing to write home about, it isn’t the key selling point of Animal Shelter Simulator. It’s a game that lifts spirits, something you indulge in when you’re feeling down. It’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your kids, teach them the value of living organisms, and how to take care of them before getting a real pet.



How to play

Taking them in

Animal Shelter 5


If you’re not sure what to do next, hover over the “checklist” icon at the top left for a list of all your current and completed objectives. Your first responsibility as the owner is to go to your computer and pick a pet to take in on your first day.


Go to your office, left-click on your computer, and select the ‘Pets to take in’ icon. The game shows you a list of all available animals. (You’ll only get one on your first day).


The animal will be delivered to your shelter in a van, where you have to take it to the proper enclosure (Cats and dogs have separate enclosures).



Animal charts

Animal Shelter 10 Animal chart


All animals come with a chart that outlines their adaptability, hunger, thirst, bladder, fun, hygiene, and health. They also have special traits, and you get bonus points (and money) if the traits line up with customer requirements.


2 1



Buying items

Animal Shelter 11 Buy food


Throughout the game, you’ll have to buy several items such as food, medicine, decorations, etc. To do so, go to the online shop on your computer and order whatever you need for the day.


All orders are delivered by a drone, which is a nice touch to square things off.



Feeding animals

Animal Shelter Simulator - Beginner’s Guide


To feed your little buddies, you’ll have to open the delivery box, take out the food and water. Place them in your inventory so that you don’t have to go back and forth between the kennel and the delivery box.



Grooming animals

The next step involves grooming those adorable little beasties. Some pets are often injured, infested with parasites, or dirty. You can wash them, treat their injuries, and even remove bloodsucking ticks using tweezers in the demo version. As far as simulators go, Animal Shelter offers a legit experience.



Putting up advertisements

Now that your animal is all happy and healthy, it’s time to snap a picture and put them up for adoption. Once you’ve bought the camera, you’ll have to take the dog out to the grass and take a photo.


A green paw appears at the top right corner of the camera, which indicates that the animal is in focus and you should take the picture.




Head over to your computer and select the scanner. Once the photo is scanned, select your pet and click ‘Find a new Home.’




Upload the photo you took earlier and post the advertisement.



Adoption time!

Someone will soon contact you via mail. If your pet has the required traits, you can ask them to visit your shelter and pick up their pet.


Not long after, a van will arrive to take the pet to its new home. Simply pick them up and drop them beside the van for them to crawl into it.




Now you’re ready to run your pet shelter.



Parting thoughts

Animal Shelter is a one-of-a-kind simulator, and although it’s very, very early in the development stage, the game has a lot of potential. Hopefully, this guide has helped you get started with this masterpiece. Stay tuned for more guides in the future. Happy gaming!


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