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Ship Graveyard Simulator: Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Ship Graveyard Simulator: Beginner’s Guide

With a few notable exceptions, simulator games are pretty upfront about what they entail. Ship Graveyard Simulator ain’t one to buck the trend. The gameplay is quite enjoyable. Gathering, tools, upgrades, skill points, alloy melting, and more are all available.


This article describes some of the game’s essentials that will surely help beginners. For those just learning about this game or new to it, we recommend reading this guide.




  • Carefully check abandoned ships – you can find many materials on them. Deck, living quarters, engine room – there are many places to explore. Drive your car to travel faster.




  • Dismantle whatever you can. There are simple barrels or pipes, as well as massive engines to find and scrap.




  • There is a wide variety of materials, from common steel and copper to very precious silver and gold. Choose wisely because you have limited inventory space.




  • There is a lot to unlock throughout the game. Level up and gain access to new ships and recipes. Deliver required materials to complete orders and get rewards. You will never be able to complete them all – new orders will show up every day.




  • Here you can sell carefully collected materials. The trader might not be the most handsome man alive, but he offers good prices.


  • Market rules. Material prices will change every day, depending on what you are trading with.






  • You can find workers around the village; everyone is experienced in collecting different materials. Of course, they don’t work for free; you have to pay them every day.


  • Workers store collected materials in a chest near the barracks every day.


  • Your workers can be upgraded via the Skills Tree. You can also expand the barracks to hire more workers.




  • Another annoying lock to open? Not required tool to destroy this big piece of metal? No problem. Use explosives to Blow everything up. You can buy more explosives in the Toolshop.




  • Use lockpick to open closed chests and doors. Please keep in mind that Different chests have different lock difficulty levels. If you ever find short of lockpicks, you can buy more in the tool shop.





  • Best friend of every ship destroyer. A highly experienced hammer wielder can destroy objects with a single hit.


  • Critical points. If you hit, correctly you can speed up your destruction process. Aim at the glowing sparks to deal more damage.


  • Improve. Get more experience in hammer mastery by spending points in your Skil Tree.




  • Cut beams and pipes but watch out for very the sharp blade.


  • Cutting objects will lower the efficiency of your saw and reduce damage. Remember to buy a new blade at the hardware shop whenever necessary.


  • Get more experience in cutting by investing points in your Skilltree.




  • Focus on burning outlined handles and hinges first to scrap objects.


  • If you like a lot of burning, you will quickly run out of fuel. Buy more in the tool shop.


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  • Get more experience in burning by spending points in your Skill Tree.




  • Collect oil and chemical spills with that modern tool. You can also use it to clean your house.


  • Circle around your mop is the mop range. Keep that in mind to collect multiple materials at the same time.


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  • Get more experience in mopping by spending points in your Skill Tree.




  • Combine materials and melt them down to create new alloys. Every alloy requires different melting conditions. You need to set up the furnace and be careful carefully! one mistake can ruin your materials.


  • Use a warehouse near the furnace to store materials.


  • Expand Workshop to acquire access to new furnace melting options. Temperature, air, and water access are very important in the melting process. By upgrading, you also increase storage space.



Misc. Tips & Tricks

  • To Split Stacks in Ship Graveyard Simulator, you need to open up the inventory (Press TAB) and bring your mouse over the item while pressing the Left Mouse Button and Left Shift simultaneously to split the stack items.




The gameplay loop is simple – break down ship elements, collect resources, sell, repeat. It is relaxed with no time limits to speak of, but also very little content long-term. It’s a fun game for the price tag, but do not be deceived by the trailers – you do not break ships or cut apart hulls; you simply smash equipment placed on the ships. The ships themselves are static elements with zero interaction. For the price, give it a shot. Just don’t expect anything complex or groundbreaking.



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