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Escape Simulator: Beginner’s Guide – Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

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Most players look for a puzzle escape room game that allows them to move around, examine, and search everything freely. Escape Simulator is a game that has it all, including the ability to break locks and smash pots in order to make your way to the exit.


However, if you’re new to the game, there are certain challenges you’ll face, and therefore, we’ve compiled here a beginner’s guide and some tricks to help you on your journey.



Beginner’s Guide:

The Startup:

The game starts with adventures like separate maps. Some adventures are currently available, such as Labyrinth of Egypt, Edgewood Manor, and Adrift in Space. When choosing one, you will have to go through five rooms, and the difficulty will increase with each room. Yes, you have the option to choose a room based on the level of frustration you can get.




In the Escape Simulator, it is important to note that time is the only achievement and not a real necessity. In simple words, it means that you can continue even after the time limit, but the more delayed it is, the fewer achievements you will get.




These are game extras, not the main part. If you’re looking for some adventure in the game, go no further than the room. So you don’t have to get much more frustrated to find these tokens; simply completing the room is enough. The following are some hints and tips to help you find the tokens in the game.



Things might not be as they seem:

The main part of Escape Simulator is that you might never know if the puzzle is simply straight/easy or hard to come by. You might be looking at everything in detail, but it just might be a simple thing like putting the key inside the lock.



Build your Puzzle:

Having a Steam Community for the Escape Simulator means there is a free space for people to build their puzzle rooms and let others join in too. It isn’t that hard to make a room and build various puzzles to get out. The system works on the logic chains in understandable ways, but you will have to work on the item placement.






In each room, some hints lead to the escape route. You’ll have to figure them out for yourself, but keep in mind that a single hint might be used multiple times in some cases.



Token Tips:

Each room contains eight tokens, as previously mentioned. We’ll go over each of them separately in this section.




  • In the tutorial, the first coin is right next to the dinosaur picture.


  • The second is on the airplane attached to the ceiling.


  • The third one is on the table that has circles, squares, and triangles on it.


  • The fourth one is in the window right corner.


  • The fifth one is on the left corner of the bed.


  • The sixth one is near the center of the map.


  • The seventh one is in the toy car from the middle shelf.


  • Eight one is under the chair.



Labyrinth of Egypt First Chamber:

  • The first one can be found in the right bird peak, after the dice puzzle.


  • The second one is revealed after you put 2,2,6,3 in the dice.


  • The third one is inside the plant pot hanging from the corner.


  • Forth one is inside the flask. You need to fill it with water or rotate it to find the hidden token.


  • Breaking the left part of the stone with a shovel reveals the Fifth token.


  • Sixth can be found after moving the floor piece that is found on the right side of flower pots.


  • Seventh, you use the brush at the base of the pillar found in the center.


  • The last one is hidden, and you can find it by throwing the coin in the water, which is found in the stone box.



Adrift in Space Emergency Awakening:

  • The first token is found at the main door’s right-side, present in the corner.


  • Second under the desk and right behind the trash.


  • Third on the top where you will find the flying hat


  • Forth one is right beside the bed in its top-left corner.


  • Fifth inside the locker’s lock


  • Sixth is present in the window blinds, present on its left side.


  • Seventh in the lights, but can be found after you turn on the lights.


  • Eight, which is the final one, can be found above the bed and under the sheet (grey) present in the locker.



Edgewood Mansion Brain Checkup:

  • Here, the first token can be found on the left top of the door frame


  • The second one is present at the window near the flower pot’s left side.


  • The third one is at the top ceiling and under the lamp attached to it.


  • Forth one is inside the flower pot that is present on the sofa’s right side.


  • Fifth inside the bottle of ink, present under the desk


  • Sixth can be found inside the hat on the right side of the compartment, which is locked.


  • Seventh underneath the drawer clock puzzle


  • The final one is inside the safe.


We only have the initial room tips for finding the hidden tokens here. There are five rooms in each journey, while only three journeys are available at the time of game launch, alongside a Tutorial. Furthermore, the other rooms follow the same footsteps, and you can find them based on the same algorithm.


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