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Gunfire Reborn: Beginner’s Guide – Tips And Tricks

Gunfire Reborn: Beginner’s Guide - Tips And Tricks

If you’re a fan of procedurally-generated levels in a rogue-lite experience where no two playthroughs will be the same, then Gunfire Reborn is the quirky adventure game for you.


The unique art style of Gunfire Reborn appeals to the nostalgia of Borderlands while being a completely different game on its own. Plus, you can play as a cat. Who wouldn’t want to go on a rogue-lite RPG adventure with cute creatures wielding hundreds of different guns?


Before you jump into a world of colorful explosions, there are some beginner’s tips and tricks for Gunfire Reborn that you should know before stepping into the game.



Aim For The Weak Spot

As with any game that involves guns and other weapons with the intent to mow down enemies in your path, Gunfire Reborn has a weak spot system.


Gunfire Reborn: Beginner’s Guide - Tips And Tricks


Having a weak spot system in Gunfire Reborn means you must have some semblance of aiming since hitting the weak spot will proc a critical strike on the enemy. The damage number will flash yellow, indicating you’ve found the enemy’s weak spot and know where to focus your fire to take it down.



Don’t Stand In One Place Too Long

When you’re shooting, keep moving. Keep moving from one cover to another. Not moving enough is the best way for you to get completely swamped by enemies.


Gunfire Reborn: Beginner’s Guide - Tips And Tricks


One thing to keep in mind is that movement speed is also affected by weapons. For example, you might want to stay away from larger guns when attempting any jumping puzzles and smaller guns help you move faster compared to larger ones. Mastering dodging will help, and movement is critical to getting over the early humps in Gunfire Reborn.



Understanding Damage Types

When you first start Gunfire Reborn, you’re going to want to jump in and start shooting everything in sight. However, you’ll have to master the elemental damage types.


  • Fire


  • Corrosive


  • Lightning


But you don’t want to confuse these damage types with elemental effects. The three elemental effects are:


  • Decay


  • Shock


  • Burning


Fortunately, you won’t have to wonder what each element does and what it affects in the game, as reading each scroll will tell you what to expect. For example, the blue health bar (that indicates shield) will take more damage from lightning. The yellow health bar (which indicates armor) will take more damage from corrosive, and the red health bar (unmitigated health) will take more damage from fire.



Combining The Elemental Effects

Now that you understand the elemental effects that can proc, you should know that combining them can do a number on enemies.


Gunfire Reborn: Beginner’s Guide - Tips And Tricks


For example, combining decay and burning will cause an explosion that can cause an AOE tic when it procs. If you combine shock and burning, you can confuse enemies and manipulate them into fighting their own. Decay and shock is a massive DOT that can take apart enemies.


Always make sure to read scrolls and understand the secondary effects of weapons. Once you understand the different ways to take down your enemies, you can go beyond your first steps as a beginner in Gunfire Reborn.


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