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Darkest Dungeon 2: Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks


Darkest Dungeon 2 is an outstanding roguelike RPG that offers a truly unique gameplay experience. It breathes new life into dungeon exploration by placing a strong emphasis on the psychological effects of near-death experiences and the inherent dangers of dungeon crawling. If you’re new to the Darkest Dungeon series, the array of game mechanics might appear daunting. To help you dive into the captivating world of DD2, we’ve compiled an all-inclusive beginner’s guide featuring valuable tips & strategies.



Roll with the Punches

In Darkest Dungeon 2, facing death & defeat is inevitable. The game auto-saves your progress, making all your decisionsโ€”both good and badโ€”permanent. Your party members will suffer afflictions and might even perish. It’s vital to anticipate these setbacks and not get too attached to any specific Hero or party configuration. Recognize that failure is a key aspect of the game, and learning from it will ultimately lead to victory.



Focus on the Stagecoach

Once you’ve wrapped up the tutorial, zero in on upgrading the Stagecoach. This enhancement will give you access to new Heroes, letting you expand your roster after each mission. As you continue upgrading your characters, their abilities will improve, increasing your odds of triumphing over tough battles. Devoting resources to the Stagecoach is crucial for ensuring a powerful & adaptable team.



Healers are Essential

When putting together your party, always save a spot for a healer. Though it may be tempting to concentrate solely on tanks and damage dealers, a healer is crucial for keeping your characters’ health in check throughout their adventure. A well-rounded party that includes a dedicated healer will significantly boost your chances of survival & success.


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Keep Heroes on Standby

It’s normal to have favorite Heroes, but losing one without an appropriate replacement can put your party at a serious disadvantage. To dodge this problem, make sure you have backup Heroes trained and ready to join your main squad when needed. Developing a varied roster will help you adapt to different challenges and keep your party robust in the face of adversity.



Tend to Stress Levels

Heroes build up stress as they traverse dungeons, witness their allies’ deaths, or fail missions. If left unchecked, stress can result in Afflictions that negatively impact your Heroes’ behavior and stats. To reduce stress, send your characters to the Abbey or Tavern in town for some well-deserved R&R. Managing stress levels is essential for maintaining a healthy and effective party.



Pay Attention to Quirks

During expeditions and interactions with curios, Heroes can acquire positive & negative quirksโ€”traits that affect their stats and behavior. While quirks might not be as influential as Afflictions, they still play a critical role in your Heroes’ overall performance. You can remove quirks at the Sanitarium in town for a fee. However, if you delay addressing a quirk, its removal cost will rise substantially. Proactively managing quirks is a key component of ensuring your Heroes’ long-term success in the treacherous realm of Darkest Dungeon 2.


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