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Farming Life: Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks


Farming Life invites you to relish the joys of rural living, as the name implies. If you’re eager to kickstart your own farm, Farming Life is your go-to game. In this engaging experience, you’ll be cultivating various fruits and veggies, employing farmhands and tending to livestock. You’ll also need to oversee your workforce and invest in diverse farming equipment.


After a hectic day, there’s nothing like unwinding with some farming action. In Farming Life, you’ll construct your dream farm, complete with quaint village homes and towering grain silos. Feel free to design road networks and devise crop patterns featuring an array of produce. Plant whatever your heart desires, be it apples, carrots, corn, sunflowers, wheat or something else entirely. This article sheds light on some of the game’s essential aspects, sure to set novice players on the right path.



Manage Limited Space

Initially, your farming venture will encompass a modest plot of land. To progress through the game, you’ll need to harvest crops and complete various tasks. Mindful space management is crucial, especially when tackling obstacles within a confined area.



Buy Low, Sell High

To rake in the dough in Farming Life, you’ll need to master the art of buying and selling items. Offloading unneeded items is a breeze and a great way to pad your wallet. Besides selling, don’t forget to keep planting crops to level up faster and secure more funds. By planting crops, you’ll reap the benefits of speedy leveling and access to countless perks. You can also build different structures and earn rewards in multiple ways.





Diversify Your Production

Farming Life allows you to craft items from a variety of resources. Utilizing farm animals to kickstart your production is a smart move. They can supply raw materials like meat, eggs, and milk, which can be used to further your progress. When you have access to different raw materials, you can initiate several production processes. Just ensure your production queues are functional before diving in.



Optimize Your Storage Space

Farming Life offers two storage options: farm storage and depot storage. Farm storage houses all your harvested crops, while the depot accommodates everything else, from items to farming supplies. Given the limited space, storage management is essential. Leveling up expands your storage capacity. Make sure to meet your crop needs and sell off any excess to free up space.


Additionally, Farming Life features an in-game currency, obtainable in various ways. How you choose to spend the currency is entirely up to you. You can use it to purchase items whenever you please, but be sure to spend it wisely.


We hope this guide proves beneficial to you. If you have any extra tips or tricks to contribute, please leave a comment. Once your comment is approved, we’ll update this guide accordingly.


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