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Youtubers Life 2: Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks

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You have the goal of becoming the best YouTuber in Youtubers Life 2. You will have different tasks, including collaborating with legendary celebrities and exploring the city of fame. Creating viral content also requires having an eye for hidden stories and following trends. Become a rising star and enjoy the benefits of fame, fortune, and fans.


It is no secret that YouTubers lead busy and demanding lives, which is why we are here sharing with you some tips as you attempt to conquer your path to fame in this refined version of the game. The core of YouTubers Life 2 is a combination of tycoon and life sim genres requiring management of time, subscribers, and your own needs.



1.ย  Choose Your Channel Theme

  • You will have to decide on a channel theme as one of your first decisions. You may choose to visit a gaming convention and talk about games.


  • Alternatively, you can perform shows and share songs or create new recipes and show what you’ve learned in gastronomy competitions. A great deal of replayability comes from every channel having its nuances, minigames, and missions. It is up to you how you want to play.



2.ย  Try to Grow Subscribers

  • YouTubers usually start as a complete unknown, making videos for fun at their mom’s home. Updating videos won’t make you much money initially, at least not until you develop a large subscriber base.


  • It might be a good idea to look for temp work or commission work you can find at the disco or the cinema. Video-making work is in high demand, and people are willing to pay good money for it!


Youtubers Life 2: Beginner's Guide



3.ย  Move to Grow Your Channel

  • When you realize that the internet speed in your mother’s house is no longer sufficient, you will realize that you need to move to another house as soon as possible; However, you should be aware of your increased expenses.


  • Make sure your PC is improved and your friends are taken care of before moving. Although you must eventually move to grow your channel, don’t be in a hurry to do so – you’ll soon find that every new house has perks you’ll enjoy.



4.ย  Care for your Followers

  • By publishing content on social networks, attending events, and uploading videos every day, you must care for your followers.


  • You can frequently upload videos to your channel with the help of your collaborators. Your fans will love it if you upload videos of your experiences while attending events!



5.ย  Make Right Decisions

  • To be successful in Youtubers Life 2, you must upload videos, gain subscribers, and improve your decision-making skills. You can adjust your play style, experiment with videos to catch the attention of brands, and accept commissioned work for a high income by utilizing the talent tree available on each type of channel.


  • Avoid relying on paid work too much. Your fans will get angry if you do so. This highly replayable, full-of-options experience allows you to do it your way.



6.ย  Get Married

  • Each character in your contacts list has a relationship level that you can increase. Non-romanceableย characters have five hearts, while romantic characters have 10.


  • You can flirt with them once they reach five hearts, which you may do by talking to them over and over until a flirt option appears. They won’t fall in love with you right away, but after you reach six hearts, you’ll be dating and have the choice of kissing instead of talking, which has the same effect on a heart level.


  • You can invite your partner to move into your apartment once your relationship has matured enough. You will have the option to make this suggestion during a conversation. You’ll need an extra key for your apartment to allow the person to move in. This requires a visit to City Hall. Speak with Lorenzo at City Hall and request “a duplicate set of house keys” for 1000 coins. Give the key to the person who will be moving in with you. It’s worth noting that you can only have one roommate at a time.


  • Please keep in mind that neglecting your wife/spouse may result in divorce.


We hope you found this guide helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any other tips or tricks to contribute to this guide. As soon as your comment is approved, we’ll update this guide.


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