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SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer Guide, Tips and Tricks – Learn How to Survive

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Have you played SCP: Secret Laboratory video game, released by Northwood Studios? If yes, you should give SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer game a try because it also offers the same gameplay and mechanics. Fusion Creators Studios developed it for PC only and is available free-to-play.


Both Single-player and Multiplayer modes are there to offer you thrilling gameplay of your choice. The perfect blend of Survival-Horror and Player vs. Player game elements keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun. Furthermore, the game is available for free to play and aims to offer your thrilling multiplayer experience where you have an option to choose the character of your choice before jumping into the creepy facility known as Site-19.



Beginner’s Guide

SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer uses the 3D Game Engine to offer high-quality graphics. Furthermore, storylines are borrowed from the SCP Foundation Wiki. Besides, the game takes place in a facility known as Site-19 full of anomalous entities called SCPs. A strange containment breach occurs as the game starts, leaving you and others to survive and find a way out.



Multiple Game Modes

The game has several modes, such as Breach Mode and CP Multiplayer. When playing in Breach Mode, your job is to become one of the staff or anomalous members to experience breaches from a different viewpoint.


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On the other hand, you have an option to play seven different playable SCP Entities, each one with unique abilities and personalities.



Tips and Tricks – Playable SCP List and Tips

As mentioned earlier, there are seven playable SCPs available, and their names are as follows:


  • SCP-049 – No need to run whenever the lever releases you in the Surveillance Room. Wait for a while after finding a hideout and stay away from stairs, then run.


  • SCP-049-2 – You should follow the same tips given above for SCP-049 to survive longer.


  • SCP-096 – If you find the most effective method to deal with 096, you stare at the floor constantly while hugging the wall.


  • SCP-106 – Here, we suggest you spend a lot of time in the Heavy Containment Zone because it’s an unusual event where the victims of 106 fall in or out of the dimension. So, keep away ASAP.


  • SCP-173 – As the intro scene starts and lights turn off, you should make eye contact and distance with 173 until it kills the guards. We suggest you be conscious of the blink meter.


  • SCP-939 – Whenever you enter the storage room, prefer to crouch because 939 can detect anyone based on sound.


  • SCP-966 – You should remember that it is easy to evade anything using slow and easy methods, but it can be challenging to locate and keep track of foes without night vision goggles, especially when lights are turned off.


Moreover, the multiplayer mode supports up to 64 players simultaneously. We have covered tips for all playable SCP List.


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