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Timberborn: Tips and Tricks – Beginner’s Guide

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Released on 15 Sep 2021, Timberborn is a City Building, Survival, and Single-player Colony Simulation developed and published by Mechnaistry for Multiple Platforms. If you have ever wished to be a builder and create your dream city, consider your dream come true because Timberborn offers you all the tools to develop your metropolitan.


It supports only single-player mode and introduces high-quality graphics. The plot is well-written, unraveling humanity and its unholy plans. Humans have turned the beautiful planet Earth into a wasteland, but only a few species can survive and evolve. Now, your ultimate goal is to pick up your favorite faction and see how your built colony can last.



Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

Get ready to start your journey in a post-apocalyptic world filled with a few survivors known as the Beavers. They are good at growing crops and building huge dams. In short, it is possible to turn the land according to your needs with the help of beavers. This article describes some of the game’s essentials that will surely help beginners. For those just learning about this game or new to it, we recommend reading this guide.




First, you should learn about the resources available in Timberborn. There are several resources you can gather to expand the city, the most notable of which are:


  • Stored Water – Surely, you would be familiar with the term “Stored Water” as it is the amount of water your creature has stored in towers across the town. Keeping an eye on the storage towers will help you survive.


  • Logs – Logs are the materials you need to create buildings and craft other equipment.


  • Food – You can use food to keep your creature beavering. To get food, you can grow a farm and use other ways to avoid your Beaver starving.


  • Goods – Goods are a variety of items that can be created or stored.



A Guide to Beaver

The Beaver, an in-game creature, is almost certainly familiar to you. This section will give you information about the Beavers and provide you with some interesting facts. The total population of beavers is 364 individuals (Child-24 and Adult-240). Adults and children were separated from the rest of the population. Children mature when they reach the appropriate age.



How to Increase the Number of Beavers

The first step is to ensure that you have enough wood and storage space for it. They will also require access to food and water in order to be as happy as possible while constructing their city for survival. When you click on the beavers, you’ll see bars on the side that show how happy they are. You must keep the beavers happy if you want to get more of them.


You’ll need to build a hut after you’ve completed the first step. Because it can house three beavers at once, a simple hut is acceptable. This means there will be enough room for the female Beaver, the male Beaver, and their baby. However, it is essential to note that doing so may cause the population to spiral out of control. The beavers will not reproduce if they sleep outside, resulting in a stagnant population. This is necessary at times. There’s a good chance you’ll end up with a lot of baby beavers if you have a lot of huts!



Hidden Resources

Yes, there are Hidden Resources in Timberborn that no one can see. So, keep reading the article to discover the following hidden resources:


  • Land – It comes in two different categories, such as Non-arable and Arable.


Arable – Usually, Arable Land is green because of water flowing nearby it. Furthermore, the distance to Arable land could be different by water source, terrain height, and more.


Non-arable – It is also a land that can be turned into a Field by several methods. Most of the time, lands that are not suitable for agriculture are used to construct houses and industrial areas.



Water Dump

In Timberborn, water is life. If you don’t manage your water correctly, you’re lucky if you only lose a few Beavers. The Timberborn Water Dump is unlocked in the same way that almost everything else in the game is: by gaining Science points by using an Inventor. The Inventor is a small structure that only has room for one Beaver. Every time this Beaver completes a task in the Inventor, it will generate 3 Science points, which can be used to unlock new building pieces. For 250 Science points, you can unlock the Water Dump in the “Water” category.


Damming up water or blasting up the ground with Dynamite can be difficult, but the Timberborn Water Dump is much easier to use.


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It’s also worth noting that if you play as the Folktails faction, you can unlock their unique Irrigation Tower for 200 science, which waters the land in a large circle around it without the need for depression or levies.



Learn how to use Explosives

Using Timberborn Explosives is the easy part; the hard part is actually unlocking them. Once that’s done, it’s simply a matter of producing enough Paper to crank out as many as you need. Build Dynamite above a piece of terrain you want to destroy. After that, click the Dynamite and press the button to destroy the tile. For 400 Science, unlock the Explosives Factory (under Landscaping). Build an Explosives Factory, connect it to your Power Network, and start manufacturing Dynamite.


We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any other tips or tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment. We’ll update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.



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