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Ziggurat 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips And Tricks To Get Started


Ziggurat 2 comes with a blend of Shooter, Rogue-like, and First-person Arena Shooter game elements developed by Milkstone Studios for Multiple Platforms. The highly detailed world awaits you, along with deadly creatures who won’t leave you alive. Ziggurat is back with improved graphics and powerful weapons. Several playable characters are available, and each one is loaded with unique weapons, powers, characteristics, and abilities. Although the fantasy world would seem beautiful, it is nearly impossible to survive there due to a powerful spell cast by evil while traveling through it. The player travels around the world in first-person mode, honing their skills and finding new gear.


It takes place in a world that is generated at random, so you will never see the same environment twice. Prepare to take part in fast-paced combat with a constant movement system while collecting resources to help you grow. There are a variety of playable characters to choose from, each with its own set of superior skills and combat abilities.



Hordes of Enemies

Enemies will emerge from the crowd, making it difficult to defeat them. So that killing enemies isn’t a problem, reload your ammo. While exploring new areas, keep a safe distance to aim and shoot foes. You are in charge of defending humanity against evil forces. Confront deadly enemies and their fearsome guardians in dynamic battles. To improve your character’s efficiency, keep an eye out for elemental resistances.



Ziggurat 2 – Tips and Tricks

Ziggurat 2 is now available, and if you’re unfamiliar with the game, you might need some assistance getting started. We’ve included some useful tips and tricks in this Ziggurat 2 beginner’s guide to help you get started. This article explains some of the game’s fundamentals, which will undoubtedly help new players.


  • To give yourself enough time to react and dodge enemy attacks, keep a safe distance from them.


  • While learning attaches patterns, keep an eye on the enemy’s movement to see how they move. Knowing your enemy’s movements and attacks can help you predict their next moves and attacks.


  • Instead of surviving longer by keeping yourself away from enemies, you should kill them instantly. Always prefer to use aggressive perks when you have two options to choose from, such as Defensive and Aggressive Perks.


  • When dealing with traps and treasure rooms, take your time. Unless you’re speedrunning, there’s no need to hurry. Using your movement skills, you can avoid all deadly traps throughout the game.


  • There are several floors, each with a secret room where you might find a massive Vertical Crack in the wall. Get a free perk by shooting the crack until it breaks.


  • It is very important to know which weapon is more effective against which enemy in this game. Spend time distinguishing between weapons and determining which ones are good and which are useless.


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Ziggurat 2 Characters

The following characters are available in Ziggurat 2;


  • Carina


  • Argo – Passive – 10% Mana Usage


  • Glyndor


  • Jacob – Recover 20% Max Mana


  • Kira


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Ziggurat 2 – Weapons

There are various weapons to choose from, each of which requires in-game currency to upgrade. All weapons can be upgraded multiple times, but the method will always be the same.



Damage Effects

  • Basic – Enemies are helpless to show resistance or vulnerability to Basic Effect.


  • Fire – It damages enemies over time.


  • Ice – Players can use Ice effect to freeze enemies completely, making them helpless when attacking and moving.


  • Lightning – It slows the enemy’s movement and temporarily stuns them.




  • Spirit Branch


  • Twin Fangs


  • Undead Scepter


  • Swiftspike


  • Skull of Xanatos


  • Atlantean Spear


  • Chill Splinters


  • Freezing Hail


  • Hellish Ember


We hope you found this guide helpful. Equip powerful weapons and jump into action to kill enemies for in-game rewards.


If you have any additional tips or tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment. We’ll update this guide as soon as your comment is approved.


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