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Meet Your Maker Beginner’s Guide – Essential Tips and Tricks for Getting Started


Meet Your Maker (MYM) is an exhilarating multiplayer game that challenges you to construct devious bases filled with traps and foes to safeguard your objectives while raiding other players’ bases to snatch their targets. This guide will introduce you to the game’s essentials and provide you with invaluable base building and raiding advice to help you forge the ultimate stronghold and defeat any base that crosses your path, ensuring a solid beginning in the game.



Raiding Tips:

  • Follow the robot: The tiny robot in the game will lead you on a direct path to the objective. If you ever get lost, simply follow its lead.


  • Grappling hook speed boost: Utilize the grappling hook for swift movement. Grapple and jump just before reaching the end for a massive acceleration.


  • Resetting double jump: Regain your double jump without touching the ground by waiting until your hand makes contact with the wall after the animation.


  • Deflecting projectiles: Deflect incoming ball shot projectiles by attacking them. You can even parry enemy range attacks, but be careful as a missed attempt will lead to your demise.


  • Farming resources: Use melee weapons to destroy traps & enemies, collecting the resources they drop. This quick method helps upgrade your weapons, armor, and equipment, making resource farming worthwhile.


  • Skipping through bases: With lava themes, employ the grappling line to pass through one block, enabling you to bypass some sections of bases. Don’t forget to block off lava blocks in your own base to prevent this strategy from being used against you.


  • Dealing with armored enemies: Aim for the head when attacking armored enemies, as it’s always unprotected. You can also use ranged weapons to gain bonus experience from headshots. For large brawlers, lure their attacks, go behind them, and backstab for additional experience.


  • Using grenades: Start with three grenades, which are perfect for annihilating traps or enemy groups in tight spaces. Cleverly placed grenades can assist you in clearing pathways through enemy bases.


  • Shield item: Acquire the shield item, which can block lava cube damage and parry claw traps, saving you from being dragged to your doom. Mastering this ability can be a game-changer.


  • Directional danger markers: Keep an eye on the directional danger markers as you traverse a base. They show where attacks are coming from and can alert you to step back or deflect incoming strikes.



Base Building Tips:

  • Baiting traps: In MYM, several traps, such as bolt throwers or spike traps, only activate once. Lure them into activation before dashing forward to gain bonus experience from making traps destroy other traps.


  • Choosing base terrain: Select the base with the smallest build capacity to deceive new players into thinking your base is a piece of cake, when in reality, it’s a meticulously crafted death trap.


  • Starting from scratch: Remove all random blocks in your base to maximize your build limit and start with a clean canvas.


  • Building from the objective: Identify your randomly generated objective and construct your base backward from that point, ensuring your harvester robot has a direct path.


  • Bolt trap bait: Position bolt traps at the end of long corridors, forcing players to either retreat or run into another trap to dodge the bolts. Employ trap modifications, such as a concealed trap that only appears after the objective is stolen, to catch players off guard.


  • Spike trap bait: Set up spike traps to lure players into precarious spots, like placing one behind a “safe” wall or compelling them to fall back into one. Combine these with other traps and enemies to create a deadly base.


This guide has laid the groundwork for building a lethal base and mastering the art of raiding in Meet Your Maker. As you advance you’ll unlock more traps and enemies to incorporate into your base, making it even more formidable. So snag the game, hone your skills and get ready to challenge other players in the ultimate showdown of strategy & prowess.


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