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InfraSpace – Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

InfraSpace - Beginner's Guide, Tips and Tricks

InfraSpace is a science fiction city builder where you need to find different resources to progress. You will be able to move these resources using the city transportation infrastructure. The game is very much relaxing, and you enjoy it without any pressure. You can obtain extrasolar efficiency by building an extrasolar utopia. Once created, strategize, different mine operations, and make the plan to produce various products.


You can also set up different routes for transportation. They provide a smooth path for establishing a supply chain. Connections have to develop between roads and building entrances. This InfraSpace beginner’s guide will provide you with all the necessary and valuable information about the game.



1.ย  Grow Food to Survive

  • In this game, you land on a very different planet from Earth. The purpose is to construct a home on a new planet. It requires you to grow food as well, which allows you to live and work.


  • Everything that occurs on this planet is dependent on you. You must do everything possible to ensure your survival. Keep in mind, however, that it is impossible to survive without food.



2.ย  Produce Everything

  • Spending credit outside of human space will not build you a city. To acquire raw materials, you will need to put your first astronauts to work mining. Iron, sand, and sulfur will allow you to build your first steel mill and concrete factory.


  • Having these materials will allow you to create your infrastructure. We must not break the chain of production, even for necessities like food and oxygen.



3.ย  Use Storage and Do Mining

  • It’s interesting to look at the logistics part when playing InfraSpace. Construction materials and other stuff are the only things you have to store. Throughout the country, drill iron and transport it for building needs.


  • The dedicated storage units will let you know the amount of supply you have. There are also different mines to go to, which are divided into seven categories so ore them and get extra resources.



4.ย  Resources

  • Infrastructure Space simulates every aspect, even a single car. You must transport the resources you produce to factories for processing and must consume products in habitats.


  • If you do not maintain your road network properly, it will eventually stall and drown in traffic. Build highways, roundabouts, and multi-lane roads to keep the productive heart of the city beating.



5.ย  Transportation Routes

  • The transportation routes make up the resources you have in the game. You will need to establish mining operations, manage production chains, and ensure your street network can handle the workload in this solar system.


  • It is then possible to transport your resources by creating street networks. They provide you with a smooth route from which you can make your supply chain. However, it would be best if you made the connections between the roads and building entrances.


  • Because by doing this you can transport your things more easily from building to their respected place. Therefore, you should be familiar with the transportation routes.



6.ย  Misc. Tips & Tricks from Players

  • Transportation networks get clogged very easily, and left turns are often the culprit. Try using 1-way roads to add a way to make left turns without entering the intersection, especially with highway intersections. If you do this, make sure you click directly on the intersection itself and disable the line that uses that left-hand turn. If you don’t do this, citizens are less likely to use the shortcut. Look at real-life highway interchanges for inspiration. contributed by: FSpark


  • Try making all the parts you need within a district and doing the math so that the final product (Either science, upgrades, or housing) is made with just the raw materials. Then, use the district tool to highlight the entire district, and set everything that it produces to stay within the district (by clicking the material and then the district). A green arrow should pop up. Don’t set the final product with these arrows, as it won’t be able to deliver to the rest of the city. contributed by: FSpark


Please leave a comment if you have any additional tips & tricks. As soon as your comment is approved, we will update this guide.


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