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Terra Nil Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks for New Players


Terra Nil is an engrossing and environmentally-focused strategy game that invites you to transform a desolate wasteland into a rich and flourishing ecosystem. Our beginner’s guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the game mechanics and share essential tips & tricks to help you excel as an eco-restorer. Let’s begin.



Get a handle on the game’s mechanics

Understanding the game’s mechanics is crucial for success in Terra Nil. Your primary objective is to breathe life into barren landscapes by completing tasks like purifying the soil, cultivating greenery, fostering biodiversity, and dismantling your structures to leave the environment untouched. The in-game currency is Leaves, earned by growing greenery and achieving objectives. As you advance, you’ll need to unlock new tools and adapt your strategies to tackle each map’s unique challenges.



Purifying the soil: A vital starting point

Before you can grow greenery & nurture a thriving ecosystem, you need to purify the soil using Toxin Scrubbers. Toxin Scrubbers depend on electricity generated by Turbines. To position a Turbine, search for rock tiles dispersed throughout the map. Each Turbine can produce up to 6 electricity points, so ensure your Toxin Scrubbers are within the Turbine’s range for optimal efficiency. Purifying the soil prepares it for greenery growth and unlocks additional tools to aid your restoration efforts.



Cultivating greenery: Reviving the terrain

With the soil purified, you can start cultivating greenery with Irrigators. Place Irrigators on the purified soil and rotate them to maximize coverage. Each Irrigator costs 50 Leaves, so efficient usage is crucial for generating more Leaves for future endeavors. Alongside Irrigators, you can also use Water Pumps near canals to grow greenery along waterways. This method generates extra Leaves, giving you more resources to restore the environment.



Unlocking new tools: Enhancing your restoration arsenal

Progressing through Terra Nil requires unlocking new tools to boost your restoration efforts. Expanding greenery and earning Leaves will gradually unlock new tools in your inventory. To access these tools, simply earn the required number of Leaves displayed in your inventory. Fulfill objectives and rejuvenate biomes to unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3 tools, accessible by pressing the 2 and 3 keys on your keyboard.



Terrain alteration: Shaping the environment

Altering the terrain is often an essential part of the restoration process. Modify the landscape to create optimal conditions for plant and animal life to flourish. Experiment with different terrain configurations to maximize greenery growth & biodiversity. Manipulating the terrain effectively can be the key to unlocking new tools and completing objectives.



Fostering biodiversity: Creating dynamic ecosystems

After growing sufficient greenery, your next task is to foster biodiversity by introducing various plant and animal species to the environment. Each species thrives under specific conditions, so survey the area to determine what’s needed. Upgrade your structures, manipulate the climate, and employ other techniques to create diverse, thriving habitats that support a wide array of plant and animal life.



Resource management: Maximizing your Leaves

Efficiently managing your Leaves is essential for success in Terra Nil. Always seek opportunities to optimize your greenery growth with each Irrigator or Water Pump placement. Be mindful of your Turbine’s electricity generation capacity and avoid placing too many buildings within its range, as this can lead to squandered resources. By wisely managing your Leaves, you’ll be better prepared to address the challenges of restoring each environment untouched.



Packing up your buildings: Leaving the environment pristine

To achieve this, construct an Airship by recycling your structures. The Airship will collect all the materials from your buildings, ensuring you leave the environment pristine and undisturbed. This final step is crucial for completing your restoration mission and admiring the thriving ecosystem you’ve created.



Adapting your strategies: Tackling unique challenges

Each map in Terra Nil presents distinct challenges that demand different strategies to overcome. Experiment with various approaches to discover the most effective way of restoring each environment. Adjust your tactics based on available resources and the specific needs of each biome. As you progress through the game you’ll encounter new hurdles & learn valuable lessons to help you become a more adept eco-restorer.



Mastering hotkeys and shortcuts: Streamlining your gameplay

Efficiency is key, and mastering hotkeys & shortcuts can save you time while enhancing your gameplay. Rotate Irrigators using the R key or mouse wheel, and switch between building tiers using the number keys.


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