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Among Trees: Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks

Among Trees: Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks

Imagine walking through a dreamscape, lulled and soothed by a comforting hum while you go about doing your daily chores, oblivious to anything else. You’re now an enlightened soul, transcended to another plane of existence, lost in meditative trance searching for answers to all of your deep-seated questions.


Among Trees, unlike any others in the genre, is a game of healing in a comforting environment. It’s as if the artists poured their very soul into the artwork, creating this beautiful masterpiece that exudes peace and tranquility.


There are many survivor games out there, but nothing is quite like this one. It’s the first in the genre that makes you feel safe rather than anxious and scared all the time. Among Trees is a change from the usual hack and slash you see in contemporary games, and in this guide, you’ll learn how to enjoy it to the fullest.



Beginner tips

  • Your first job is to repair the Cabin with planks and sticks lying all over the forest bed. It’s your home, and you can upgrade it for additional rooms with various in-game resources.


  • You also get an ‘I’m stuck’ option whenever you pause the game that respawns you where you were 20 seconds ago.


  • The hunger, health, vitality, and temperature are shown at the lower right corner of your screen. So, keep an eye on those if you don’t want to die of starvation, tiredness, hypothermia, poisoning, or be mauled by a bear if you’re unlucky.


  • You cannot craft items on yourself. If you want to craft something, you’ll have to return to your cabin and use the Workbench.


  • The game does not have an autosave feature. You can, however, use the journal in your cabin to save your progress.


  • Food items offer multiple benefits like the Golden Chanterelle that can subside hunger and raise your temperature. Cooked foods give better returns, so build the cooking room as soon as possible.


  • If you’re stuck on a rock or some other area of the terrain, use the momentum of your swinging axe to set yourself free.




Gathering and hunting tips

  • Driftwoods clip into the ground beside the river. So search carefully when you’re looking for them.


  • Watchtowers are great for finding valuable resources like bolts, wires, ropes, etc. Bears also frequent this region, so watch your step.


  • Dogbane stems are hard to find. There is a place behind your cabin where you can find some. Approach the watchtower behind the cabin. Keep looking right while you’re going towards the tower, and you’ll find a path between two rocks. You’ll notice a larger rock further down the path. The dogbane is usually located past that large boulder.


  • To catch fish, consistently head over to the pier or keep an eye out for splashes in the water. When you spot one, pick a spot and cast your line further away from the splash. The fishing wire and the splash should be in the same line. Keep reeling, and you’ll get a bite when you pass over the splash spot.


Note: Even if you’re a few inches off, do not cancel and keep reeling because sometimes you catch the fish even without the bite meter showing up.


  • Sticks can be hard to find. The easiest way to farm sticks is to build the Woodman’s axe and whack down trees.


Note: There is no item durability (not yet), so once you craft an item, you can use it indefinitely until the devs do something about it.




Survival tips

  • Notice the temperature when you’re out gathering resources, or else you’ll freeze to death.


  • Bears in Among Trees guard some good loot. There are three ways you can a hold of that stash:


  1. Zen mode – Activate Zen mode to prevent dangerous animals from spawning into the game.


  1. Ninja mode – Crouch behind the yellow/green tall grass. You’ll appear fully concealed once the eye icon at the top changes into a line. Keep searching for the loot while you’re hidden.


  1. Kamikaze mode – Make sure you have full health because one swipe will cost you half your health. Aggro the bear from the farthest distance possible and take the first strike head-on and then lure him away from the spot.


The bear will now be tethered to this ‘new’ perimeter for a while, which is enough time to back the place and loot everything. Mastering the technique will take practice, so stock up on bandages before leaving.


  • You can open beehives for beeswax but prepare yourself for a world of hurt. Once you break the hive, start running like a headless chicken to lose the flying critters. It usually takes a few seconds, after which you can get the loot.



Misc. tips & tricks

  • Follow these steps to tame Fox. Open the pet menu by pressing your middle mouse button. This shows your pet command options. Make sure you feed your pet at least once every three days. Take a look at the pet menu to see if it is hungry or not. Pro tip: All animals love fish!


  • F3 will take a UI-free screenshot that is saved into your default pictures directory.



Parting thoughts

Among Trees isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Veteran survival gamers may detest the happy-go-lucky approach of this masterpiece. The game specifically caters to a niche audience who prefer relaxing entertainment rather than the anxiety-filled grindfest people play these days. If you’re one of those people, then you’ll have a splendid time playing the game. Good luck!


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