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Runeverse: Sea Brawls: Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Runeverse: Sea Brawls: Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Runeverse: Sea Brawls is an auto-battler based on, well, the Runeverse universe. You surely have heard about Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Well, Sea Brawls is a lot similar. It has the same mechanics, with minor tweaks and a different art style (duh!).


Although the golden age of auto battlers has come and gone, the fun and childlike art style of Runeverse is quite intriguing. The quirky voice lines combined with distinct animated sprites are praiseworthy and go along nicely.


Considering the genre is filled with popular titles like Dota Underlords, Teamfight Tactics, Battlegrounds, Auto Chess, etc., the fact that Freakinware Games dared to launch yet another IP (Intellectual Property) is commendable. And judging by the gameplay, they did a decent job. There are a few balance issues, but the game launched on November 1st, so a few squeaky creases are expected.


Runeverse is an underrated game, and the barrier to entry gets even tougher with the lack of online guides. Fortunately, that ends now. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you become a better Runescape: Sea Brawls player and dominate the competition.


Note: You must play the tutorial first; otherwise, this guide will mean nothing. For best results, play 3-5 games to familiarize yourself with the terminologies better.



Runeverse: Sea Brawls Recruitment Phase Tips

Specific tips

Always keep an eye on these highlighted sections.


Runeverse: Sea Brawls - Combat Screen


1 – Hero activity: Hover over each hero to track what minions they are playing so that you can counter them.



2 – Levelling:


  • Turn 2 – Always level to Crew level (CL) 2


  • Turn 3 – Recruit one minion. You can sell 1 and recruit another or roll for better options.


Pro tip: Low CLs lack quality minions, so avoid rolling and focus on getting somewhat synergistic minions to help you survive till later levels.


  • Turn 5 – Level to CL 3 and recruit one minion.


  • Turn 6 – Level to CL 4 if you have a powerful board. Otherwise, level next turn.


  • Turn 7 – Level to CL 5 if you have a powerful board. Most players have a decent build by now, so if you’re not strong enough, stay at CL 4 for two turns AT MOST. Positively level up on turn 9.


CL 5 has quite a few powerful minions, so; you can play the rest of the game without going to CL 6.


Note: This is the cookie-cutter leveling guide for beginners. Leveling is greatly influenced by Hero Powers, which you’ll learn as you get better.



3 – Hero Power & Gold: Most beginners use their gold poorly and neglect their Hero powers. They are quite powerful and are capable of altering the course of the game.



4 – Minion class-specific bonuses: Different classes of minions come with a unique keyword that influences how they are played. For instance, there is Arcanatie for Elementals and Duty, a special currency for the Mercenary class. Keep track of them if you want to optimize your gameplay.



General tips

  • Do not decide on a build too early into the game. Try to keep an open mind and always recruit minions across different classes. It helps you transition to any one of them during the late game and not get locked into a specific class you cannot find the right cards for.


  • Do not freeze minions on at low CL (1-4) unless you have a triple. As you level, you get a wider selection of minions to choose from. You start with 3, but at CL 6, you can recruit from 6 minions. Think of not freezing as an extra re-roll.


  • Don’t spend gold on Equipment. Buy quality minions first.


  • Always place your taunted minions at the right-most corner.


  • Always look for synergy, no matter how little it may be.



Runeverse: Sea Brawls Battle Phase Tips

  • Although the attacks are randomized, you can significantly increase your chances of winning with proper positioning.


  • Don’t keep valuable minions beside your taunted crew members because minions like the Fiery Arcanite can damage adjacent enemies and ruin your entire strategy.


  • Minions start attacking from the left, so place cards with high attacks or cleave effects in the leftmost corner.



Parting thoughts

Runeverse: Sea Brawls: Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks


If you’re new to the auto-battler scene, consider giving Runeverse a try. It’s a fresh new IP in the genre and offers a great deal of entertainment. Simply follow the tips in this guide, and you’ll be winning games in no time. Good luck!


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