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Youtubers Life 2: Characters Schedule Guide


This guide includes information on where and when to find special characters.


  • Aaron: Most of the time, he tries to run into DJ Fox while working at Er-Tech.


  • Adam: Most of the time, he’s working at Leet Point. He loves enjoying Asian food when he’s taking a break.


  • Ágora: She sells strange stuff at Treasure Truck, in the Port neighborhood.


  • Mayoress: She loves enjoying nice and expensive food at Althea’s when she’s not working at the CityHall.


  • Arrou: This mysterious character wanders around the Port neighborhood streets.


  • Baba May: She loves enjoying seafood at The Kraken. When she’s not there, she wanders around the Port neighborhood.


  • Blair: She spends time between her job at PlayerOne and AFK Bar.


  • Captain Vain: He runs The Fisherman at the Port dock.


  • Clara: Most of the time, she’s training at her Gym.


  • Dimitri: He’s hidden at the Theater.


  • Dixie: Most of the time, she’s at PlayerOne, Er-Tech, or Althea’s. She loves wandering around the City.


  • DJCerulean: When she’s not acting as a DJ at the yacht party, she’s enjoying the Port neighborhood.


  • DJFox: He spends most of his time between his job at Er-Tech and the Galaxy Disco parties where he plays his music.


  • Dorian: This mysterious character can be found close to the Train Station or at Althea’s.


  • Dr. Ermingaut: Most of the time, he’s working at Er-Tech.


  • Edgar: He runs Geektopia, the comic store. When he’s not working, he loves having Asian food and e-sports tournaments at AFK.


  • Ellen: She runs The Kraken restaurant.


  • Gianni: He’s the owner of Gianni’s clothes shop.


  • Gigi: She loves enjoying Asian food and AFK cocktails. She has also been spotted wandering around LeetPoint.


  • Grace: She’s always at Er-Tech waiting for a chance to help you.


  • Joon: He spends his time between SlaterSurf and The Kraken.


  • Joy: Like Dixie, she’s always wandering around NewTube City. The Kraken and Calypso Beach Bar are her favorite places.


  • Cassidy: She’s KIWI Clothes store owner, and she loves going to AFK bar when she’s not working.


  • Katzia: Have you tried to leave some food at the sewer’s entrance?


  • Lafayette: When he’s not working at his Hair salon, he’s enjoying the Port neighborhood.


  • Lucy: She works at Gianni’s VIP area. When the store is closed, she usually goes to Althea’s.


  • Moose: He runs the exclusive Fitness Club in the Port neighborhood. When he’s not working there, he loves enjoying other places within the neighborhood.


  • Zane: Calypso Beach Bar and the Fisherman are his favorite places in the Port neighborhood, where he spends most of his time.


  • Raven: This famous YouTuber loves going to the Yacht party, Lafayette Hair salon, and AFK bar.


  • Rikko: He spends most of the time between Er-Tech and Gianni’s store.


  • Robin: He works at AFK bar.


  • Mr.Alegría: Gianni’s loyal assistant, he’s most of the time at Gianni’s.


  • Suzy: She runs Spicy Ren restaurant.


  • Tina: She spends her time between the Teather and Althea’s.


  • Ziggy: When he’s not working at Calypso Beach Bar, he’s wandering around the Port neighborhood



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