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HighFleet – Recruitment Guide

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Part of your campaign is to track down and convince potential allies to join your glorious campaign, which may also net you a new ship for your fleet and additional support that you can call upon. Expanding your allies is also critical for your final battle at Khiva. Recruitment takes the form of a simple card game.


You have a choice of several cards to play, and each one will produce a different reaction from the person to whom you’re speaking. By playing cards, you will learn what themes will endear them to you, and which will turn them off (these will be displayed under their name as you learn them). Your opponent’s reactions to cards will be displayed. Note that cards may also impact your own Worldview ratings, which can be viewed in the bottom right of the screen as with normal conversations.


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Click on any card to play it, which takes 1 Turn off the conversation. You start with 5 turns, however, playing special Gift cards may extend the conversation. Be careful though, some gifts may anger the receiver if they do not align with their beliefs. You can find more gifts throughout the game.


Play Speech cards with favorable themes to grow your “Like” meter and gain star ratings. You need at least 1 star to end the conversion in success, though gaining more stars will increase the person’s loyalty rating. Playing Speech cards that go against your opponent’s beliefs may sour their opinions of you.


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