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Tree of Life PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide


PC Controls

Forward: W
Backward: S
Strafe Left: A
Strafe Right: D

Sprint: Double tap ‘W’
Autorun: R



Attack: Left Mousebutton

Inventory: E

Map: M

Use: Equip and select the item, then hold ‘Right mousebutton’ and drag the cursors to the item in the wheel that comes up.

Pickup: Hold ‘Right mousebutton’ and select the up arrow in the wheel that comes up.

Split Stack: Shift-rightclick the stack.

Shieldblock/Charge a deathblow: Shift is to block with a shield or charge a deahblow with a 2-hand weapon. Hold shift and left click to do a push away stun with shield.

Sit: Z

Emote: X

Zoom in/out: Mouse Scrollwheel

Chat: Enter (Press the green ‘N’ in the chat window to switch between normal and guildchat.)

Just to have a complete list:

Itemslot 1: 1
Itemslot 2: 2
Itemslot 3: 3
Itemslot 4: 4
Itemslot 5: 5
Itemslot 6: 6
Itemslot 7: 7
Itemslot 8: 8

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