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Blitzkrieg 3 Buffs Guide

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There are several types of buffs. Buffs are effects affecting certain characteristics.



1) Area effects

โ€ข Forest – gives stealth to infantry, increases vitality, reduces the attack range and visibility. Vehicles move along the forest line more slowly.


โ€ข Swamp – slows down infantry and vehicles.


โ€ข Road – speeds up infantry and vehicles.



2) Weather effects

โ€ข Rain – reduces the precision of vehicles. Reduces the firing range of infantry. Slows down movement along the roads.


โ€ข Fog – reduces the range of sight of all units provides cover to infantry and vehicles.



3) Unit debuffs (negative effects)

โ€ข Blindness – reduces vehiclesโ€™ range of sight and firing range (also, the unit will not be able to fire when prompted).


โ€ข Immobilization – a unit cannot move, but it can continue to fire.


โ€ข Jammed – a vehicle cannot fire or rotate its turret.


โ€ข Stunned – a unit cannot take any action.


The duration of debuff effects depends on the class and size of the unit. The larger and heavier the unit, the more difficult repairs will be and the longer the imposed effect will last.



4) Other effects

โ€ข Hit the ground – infantry takes a lying down position. As a result, they are more difficult to hit, their accuracy is improved, but the speed of movement is reduced.


โ€ข Trench – staying in a trench gives a unit stealth, reduces all incoming damage, and makes it more difficult to hit the unit. It provides the most protection against fragmentation damage (bombs, Howitzers, etc.)


โ€ข Suppression – under the fire of machine gunners and certain types of vehicles, units get the “suppression” effect. As a result, infantry is easier to hit, slows down, takes more damage, and firing is less accurate.


โ€ข Movement – while on the move, infantry and vehicles are more difficult to hit, but they fire less accurately.


โ€ข Close range – if the unit is close to the enemy, accuracy and armor-piercing indicators increase.


โ€ข Tank aura – reduces damage taken by the infantry. Soldiers are more difficult to hit. The heavier the vehicle gives the aura, the stronger the buff.


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