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Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 & PS5 Controls Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 controls for PS4 & PS5 gamepad controllers.


Default Controls

General Controls

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Movement Left analog stick
Use Item D-pad Up
Pause Menu Options
Game Menu Touchpad
Skip Cutscenes Hold Circle
Skip Dialog Circle
Jump X
Crouch Circle
Quick-Access Menu Hold Triangle
Draw Weapon Triangle
Holster Weapon Double-tap Triangle
Reload Square
Strong Melee Attack Hold R2
Shoot / Fast Attack R2
Aim Combat Gadget Hold R1
Use Combat Gadget R1
Look Around Right analog stick
Quick Scan L1
Scanning Mode Hold L1
Block (Melee) Hold L2
Aim (Ranged) Hold L2
Dialog Up Up on d-pad
Zoom In (while aiming) Up on d-pad
Dialog Down Down on d-pad
Zoom Out (while aiming) Down on d-pad
Phone Menu Left on d-pad
Open Notifications Left on d-pad
Call Vehicle Right on d-pad
Open Garage Hold right on d-pad
Photo Mode L3 and R3


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