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Farmer’s Life – Hunting Guide

Farmer's Life - Hunting Guide

Hunting with Rifle

There are very few people around so you can meet lots of wild animals in the woods. You can hunt them with the rifle if manage to get close enough and hit them.


Animals are skittish, ammo is scarce, so be careful and aim precisely.


Farmer's Life - Hunting Guide


You can harvest dead animals on the spot. But you will only get a little meat this way.


It is best to deliver the game to the barn where Kasimir’s father has built a small slaughter station. If you process an animal in it you will get much more meat and also additional items like leather or hide.


Some animals are really heavy. Keep that in mind when going on a far hunt. Your bicycle provides a little help in that aspect.


Farmer's Life - Hunting Guide



Hunting with Traps

Set a trap far from home in spot animals should show up.


Add a bait if you have one. Different animals are attracted by different items.


Wait a day or two, come back to the trap, and if you are lucky a dead animal will be there. Do not forget to get the traps or set them up again. And… do not forget where you put them in the first place!


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