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Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Graffiti Guide


Graffiti Guide

Episode 1:

Graffiti #1: This one is surprisingly easy to miss. Before you enter the mill head over to the RV with the two guys fighting. Go toward the front and go around left. The Graffiti is on the side in between the windows.


Graffiti #2: This one is blantantly obvious. Enter the mill and before you continue with the story go toward the Mosh Pit entrance. The sawblade hanging on the wall is your target.


Graffiti #3: In Chloe’s room after you get up, go over to the Unicorn poster and interact with it, you should be able to tear it down. After tearing it down, your Graffiti option is in it’s place.


Graffiti #4: Alright, so this one is super easy to miss. When helping David get his tools you need to go to the blue toolbox in the middle of the garage. You just need to open it and get the tools. Now turn around and look at the toolbox, your grafitti option should now be there.


Graffiti #5: Upon arriving at the school head to your left, the Graffiti option is on the pool building’s wall beside the entrance.


Graffiti #6: Before you grab Rachel’s belt, head to the changing room, there will be a Tempest poster on the door in the back, that is your target.


Graffiti #7: After you’re able to move around on the Train, go over to the crate and move it. You should now be able to reach the back of the train, interact with the writing on the left wall. You should now be able to Graffiti it.


Graffiti #8: Once the cutscene ends, there is a giant statue behind you. Go toward the stone that the statue has it’s foot on, that is your target.


Graffiti #9: Upon reaching the Smash section in the Junkyard go straight to the tall sign, knock it over, then kick the red paint buckets. You should now be able to Graffiti the sign.


Graffiti #10: This one is the most difficult for the fact that if you do it in the wrong order, then you won’t be able to get it. So first, interact with the poster on the back of the seat. You should now be able to tear it down. Now interact with the Graffiti spot. The marker that you need is in the wineglass to your left. Now you can successfully Graffiti the chair.

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