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Gas Station Simulator: Beginner’s Guide: Tips To Know Before Starting

Gas Station Simulator: Beginner's Guide

In video games, the days of killing enemies and jumping off moving platforms are long gone. Nowadays, we are living in a high-tech world where everything is possible within a few fingertips. Similarly, video games have become advanced than ever, and the introduction of modern gaming engines brings them close to reality.


The Gas Station Simulator, released on 15 Sep 2021, is a First-person Building, Business, and Single-player Simulation developed by Drago Entertainment. The game is about expanding, renovating, and running the gas station of your dream, situated in the desert. You aren’t limited to a few options, as the game gives you freedom of choice and several approaches to make your business successful. Read our Gas Station Simulator Beginner’s Guide- Tips and Tricks if you are new to the game and don’t know how it works.



Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

First of all, you should remember that running a business is not as easy as it seems, as it takes a lot of time, a strategic approach, and proper planning. Second, location and customer relations are also important. Thirdly, you should take care of your assets and compete with competitors to become a businessman. Here are some tips to use while playing Gas Station Simulator:



  1. Be Careful with Speed-ups

Pumping gas is one of the main activities of the game, and you have to be careful when it comes to it. While refueling, pay attention to the gauges and hold the handle softly. Sometimes it takes longer than expected when you have it for a long time.



  1. Be aware of Dennis

After a while, you should become familiar with Dennis, who spreads obscenity all over your beautiful gas stations. So have a few stones and other tools along with what you want to use when you see Dennis coming towards your station.



  1. Look After Your Warehouse

All of your parcels will be delivered to your warehouse. So, whenever you receive cargo to your warehouse and the truck leaves the area, don’t forget to close the doors properly. Although it seems annoying waiting for a delivery guy, it’s good for security.



  1. Sometimes, Reset Buttons Can Help You

Gas Station Simulator introduces a few Reset Buttons designed to help you whenever you are stuck. The first button is placed near your digger’s shed, which is useful when you lose the vehicle. The second button is available ahead of your business may help you reset the traffic.



  1. Employees

As you upgrade your station, you are soon given the ability to hire staff to focus on a particular task so you can relax and focus on running the business. Well, sort of! Employees still want breaks, and they need to be paid as well. There’s no micromanaging allowed, however. You can hire employees, but you don’t schedule what times they work or take breaks.


Every employee has a stamina meter, and after each shift, you must take a break and manually pay him for his services. You have to do this every time you want to assign a new shift to them, which is time-consuming.




  1. Clean your Gas Station

Cleaning does not pay, but it does make customers think more highly of your establishment, which improves your overall reputation.



  1. Mini-games

Gas Station Simulator comes with mini-games such as the Golf mini-game. The golf mini-game is located just behind the warehouse, costs $5 to play, but gives you $15 if you score in less than five hits.



  1. Aliens

If you completely screw up traffic, you can press a button that summons aliens to abduct everyone at the station.



  1. Close Your Shop

Shutting down your shop won’t affect your gameplay; sometimes, it is helpful to confront many challenges and find their solutions. So, whenever you realize there are dozens of more works to complete, close your shop for a while until all work is done.


Following all of the tips and tricks can help you overcome any challenges you may face during the game. Furthermore, you can be a business tycoon after expanding your business.



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