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Bear and Breakfast Beginner’s Guide: Ultimate Tips & Tricks

Bear and Breakfast Beginner's Guide: Ultimate Tips & Tricks

Everybody loves a good management game. Whether it’s a farm, theme park, or business, simulation/management games are consistently one of the most popular genres in gaming. And with the release of Bear and Breakfast, the genre just got a new instant classic.


Released July 28th, 2022, and developed by indie game developer Gummy Cat, Bear and Breakfast puts players in the fur of a friendly bear who stumbles onto a shack in the middle of the woods. Instead of ignoring it and moving on, this handy brown bear decides to fix it up and turn it into his very own B+B! You’ll be able to invite guests, build out the shack, and make a sprawling resort out of a humble shack, with each room customized to your liking.


With so many options and features, Bear and Breakfast might seem a little intimidating to get into. However, youโ€™ll find plenty of helpful tips & tricks in this Bear and Breakfast Beginnerโ€™s Guide that will get you up and running in no time.



Maximize Value

When purchasing decorations for your B+B at Tookโ€™s Garbage, youโ€™ll notice that many of the more expensive items might look nicer, but they wonโ€™t contribute to your decoration or comfort score as much as a cheaper item would.


Itโ€™s your establishment, so you are of course free to purchase and use whatever items and decorations you like, but it is recommended that you optimize your scores first before you go hog wild on decorations.



Get Essentials Down First

When setting up your rooms for your guests, it is critical that you install a few essentials before you start to worry about decorating. Each room must have a bed, a footrest, and a dresser in order to have a decent comfort score.


Bear and Breakfast Beginner's Guide: Ultimate Tips & Tricks


If your room is missing one of those things, your guests will complain, and you want to avoid those as much as possible. What good is a bed and breakfast if the room you rented doesnโ€™t have a bed?!?



Optimize Your Decorations

There are a few categories of decorations for you to use, but there are two that will optimize each room in your establishment: floor and wall decorations. Things like paintings and rugs are going to allow you to increase your decoration score while also leaving space for you to place comfort items.


This careful balancing of style and comfort is the most important aspect of building out your B+B, so pay close attention to those meters when picking out and placing items.



Have a Plan

When youโ€™re building out your establishment, it is important that you have an idea of where everything goes before you start building. Having at least a rough idea of what your building will look like will save you some time later on, and lead to having a much neater-looking B+B overall.


Building blindly might have its own charm, but it can hurt you in the long run if you run out of space or have rooms that arenโ€™t a uniform size.



Resource Gathering

When you leave the comfort of your B+B to go on expeditions and explore the surrounding area, it is important that you pick up every single little thing you come across. Youโ€™ll need all of the resources you can possibly get when you start to craft and build things, and the things you build later in the game will be more complex and require more resources.


Bear and Breakfast Beginner's Guide: Ultimate Tips & Tricks


Donโ€™t worry about inventory space or whether or not you need a specific resource right now, just take it. You will need it later guaranteed, and having it in storage will save you time and hassle later.



Donโ€™t Ignore Your Quests

In addition to being an awesome B+B management simulator, Bear and Breakfast also has a main quest that you will need to complete along the way. Donโ€™t just ignore these missions, as completing them will unlock all kinds of opportunities for you.


How exactly you balance the management with your quest completion is up to you, but just make sure you donโ€™t go too long without doing quests because you never know what you might be missing out on!



Memorize the Map

This last tip is something that will eventually happen the more time you spend playing the game, but do your best to memorize the entire map. Knowing where all of the best resources spawn and knowing where to go when you need certain things will streamline how you play the game and keep things running smoothly.


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