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Next Day: Survival – The Ultimate Bunker Guide


Entering the Bunker

To enter the bunker, you have three options:


1. C8 Forrest Entrance (has wolf/bear spawn next to it)


2. F9 Depot Entrance


3. G6 Military Camp (lots of militaries AI obviously)


In this guide, I will be using 1 to enter and 2 to exit.





Using Cover

It is very important that you use the cover spots properly. Failing to do so will almost always lead to death. There is a sweet spot where you can shoot out of cover, but the enemy cannot hit you.


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The Enemies

The enemies in sections 1 to 5 are grouped together. Shooting one will alert all of them. I recommend you stay behind cover (blue lines) until all enemies of a section are dead. You do not want to run into an enemy by surprise; it usually does not end well.


The single enemy in G3 will patrol this part of the corridor, and shooting him will not alert any others.


The two guys at H5 & H6 never leave their post.





Loot Map

Armor and Clothing can mostly be found in the green spots.


Red shows Weapon and Ammo locations. Gauss rifle can spawn there.


Yellow are other items, including food, medkits, and vehicle parts.


The best strategy for finding a gauss rifle is to log out in the marked red room at J3 and just hop from server to server until it spawns in front of you. But beware, fighting your way out of this room is much harder than going in. And if you die there, with all the other enemies respawned, you have 0 chance of getting your items back.




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