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Next Day: Survival – Crafting Recipes Guide

Next Day: Survival - Crafting Recipes Guide


Goto a bush and press F, this will gather sticks. You need to do this two times.




Press TAB and select the crafting tab at the top left-hand side. Put the two bundles of sticks into the crafting table.




Click CRAFT, after this you can place the campfire on the ground. Q and E rotates the campfire, Left Click puts the campfire down and Esc cancels crafting the campfire.




Next, Light the campfire with either a lighter or matches.




Now you have a campfire and can cook with it!






  • This is a part of one of the first quests. You will receive the following: Board, Metal Tube, Catch Bolt, and Insulating Tape.


  • Press Tab and put the items into the crafting table.


  • Click craft.


  • Equip the rifle.


  • Ensure you reload the rifle.


  • Remember: You have to reload after every shot.




  • Acquire the following Old Handle, Bicycle Sprocket, and Insulating Tape.


  • Press TAB and put the items into the crafting table.


  • Click Craft.


  • Equip the Axe.


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