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WARNO – The Ultimate Guide to Aircrafts

WARNO - The Ultimate Guide to Aircrafts


The aircrafts are accessible from the air call interface. Their number is limited to 9 at the same time. To call a plane, simply left-click on one of the planes and then left-click on the terrain. The plane will immediately take off and join the combat zone through the corridor indicated by the arrow “air corridor”. To reach the combat zone, the aircraft will take a time indicated in its information panel. The time depends on its speed.


Once on the ground, the plane has a certain amount of fuel that allows it to stay for a certain time to carry out missions. Once its fuel is exhausted, the aircraft leaves the combat zone immediately and returns to its base.


Once at the airport, the aircraft will fly back, refuel and perform all refueling actions once there. The aircraft will also make any necessary repairs before it can be operational again.



The particularity of the aircraft

  • ECM: Electronic countermeasures are intended to occult or • deceive radar or other enemy search or pointing sensors. The value indicated reduces the accuracy of enemy missiles.


  • Turn radius: The minimum radius the aircraft can turn.


  • Ravel time: The time it takes the aircraft to travel from the airport to the combat zone.



Clearing out of the area

At any time, we can order our aircraft to evacuate the combat zone and return to the airport. The evacuation time is not immediate and the aircraft, once ordered, becomes uncontrollable.


The planes evacuate automatically when they have no more ammunition.



Different types of aircraft

What distinguishes aircraft from each other is both their flight characteristics, the power of the engine, and all the electronics on board, but in practice, we distinguish the different types of aircraft according to the missions they can be assigned.




Armed with long or short-range missiles, these aircraft have the task of intercepting anything that flies into the combat zone. These aircraft have the advantage of being very fast and can therefore be used very quickly. Long-range missiles are generally much faster and less maneuverable and are fired from a distance, while the agility of short-range missiles allows them to reach targets making tight movements.




These planes are capable of carrying a very large bomb tonnage under their wings. The bomber’s mission is to drop all its bombs at the indicated position and to leave the area immediately afterwards. We note that the bombers can be loaded with several types of bombs: HE, napalm, or duster in anti-tank mode.



Ground attack aircraft

These aircraft are specialized in supporting ground troops. These aircraft fly at very low speed and are able to make very short turns in order to make a maximum of passes over the battlefield.



Anti-radar aircraft

These aircraft are specialized in the Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD). This mission consists of actions to suppress enemy surface-based air defenses, including surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and anti-aircraft artillery. These aircraft are generally equipped with a very important ECM capacity.



Multipurpose aircraft

The last type of aircraft on the list is the multipurpose aircraft. A plane capable of doing everything, it is generally less specialized.


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