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Age of Empires IV: Beginner’s Guide: Tips To Know Before Starting

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What would be your strategy if you were thrown back into history where battles were fought using melee weapons and archery? Age of Empires IV, a PC-only game developed by Relic Entertainment, offers a similar experience. It features Single Player, Online Co-op, and Online PvP (Player vs. Player) modes. Age of Empires IV has almost “Very Positive” Steam reviews and continues to win the hearts of RTS (Real-Time Strategy) fans.



Age of Empire IV Guide – 8 Playable Civilizations

Playing strategy games is difficult because there are dozens of tasks to complete, from choosing a Civilization to deploying your forces. The following are the names of the eight playable civilizations in Age of Empires IV:


  • Chinese


  • English


  • Persian Empire


  • Germans


  • Mongols


  • French


  • Abbasid Empire


  • Russians


Each Civilization has its own set of capabilities and strategies for dealing with threats. Construction of buildings and cities is required during the game because it is one of the main objectives to complete.


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Age of Empires IV – Tips and Tricks

Before you start playing, there are a few Age of Empires IV Tips and Tricks to keep in mind if you want to rule the world.



  • Pick a Civilization that suits Your Play Style

You will be asked to select your Civilization as soon as the game starts. It’s important to know that each Civilization has its own set of characteristics and bonuses. For example, British Civilization depicts sturdy villagers armed with bows which are utilized anytime it is necessary to attach. Similarly, playing with British Civilization can cut your farm costs by nearly half and speed up the harvesting process by 15%.



  • Play the Tutorial and Norman Campaign

The game will be familiar to you if you have played “Age of Empires II” earlier because it brings a lot of old features from old titles. If you didn’t play any older title, then playing Norman Campaign may help you learn how it works.


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  • How to Get Resources

Read our Age of Empires IV Beginner’s Guide if you don’t know how to collect resources. Wood, Food, Stone, and other primary resources are available for you to collect to progress through the game. Chop trees to collect wood and get food from animals in the beginning. You can also expand your farm and reap crops when the time comes.



  • Create Farm House around “Town Center”

It is important to remember that farming is the most convenient and easiest way to get food; therefore, we propose establishing a farm near your City Center. Your villagers will save a lot of time because they will not have to walk far.


Please do not use this method if you are playing English Civilization. This is due to the fact that constructing farms across the factories grants you a buff.



Controlling Your Empire & Gathering Resources

To expand your city, you can discover new technologies or create infantry production units. Furthermore, you can gather four resources in Age of Empires 4:


  • Food: Farms, berry bushes, and animals provide villages with this food. Residents deposit their resources in the Town Center or nearby Mills. Food is essential in the game.


  • Wood: By cutting down trees, a villager can collect wood. It would be beneficial to place a lumber camp nearby so the resources can deposit quickly.


  • Stone: Stone Outcroppings is where a villager can go mining for stone.


  • Gold: At Gold Veins, a villager can go gold mining. Stone and gold miners should deposit their resources quickly at a nearby Mining Camp when they are mining. Once players have enough Villagers in each resource, they will quickly build a powerful infantry and build more critical technologies.



Strong Defense

Defending your city is crucial when competing against other players. To protect farm buildings and settlements, players can build Palisade Walls or Stone Walls.


You can use stones to build Keeps which will assist in defending the town once enemies invade it. Infantry and archers tend to find keeps valuable, but cavalry and siege weapons can bring them down. Be aware of this when an attack is imminent.


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Build a Strong Army

An army of melee infantry, archers, and cavalry will be required to defend one town or invade another. To build these structures, players will need:


  • Barracks: During Age 1, the Barracks produces melee infantry.


  • Archery Range: At age 2, you can access the Archery Range, which produces archers.


  • Stables: These are available after you reach Age 2, and they can produce cavalry.


All three types of ground forces must be present for a war to be successful.



Gather Resources for Advancing

To progress through Ages 1 to 4, players must collect food, wood, and gold. The player gains the ability to construct a building of their choice with each advancement. A player’s town will receive different bonuses depending on the type of building he chooses to construct. Players can build a variety of facilities to aid them in battle after successfully advancing the Age. The Archery Range and Stable are not available until you reach the ”Age of two”. Players who want to build an army of Longbowmen should reach Age 2 as soon as possible.


Here’s nearly everything you need to know about choosing your Civilization, starting its expansion, and leading your army to world dominance. If you have additional tips and tricks to contribute to this guide, please leave a comment below. As soon as your comment is approved, we will update this guide.


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