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Wildfrost Beginner’s Guide: 8 Essential Tips for New Players

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It seems like trading card games aren’t being released as often as they used to, and the ones that do come out often lack originality in gameplay. Wildfrost is a breath of fresh air in this genre. As an immersive tactical roguelike deckbuilder set in a frozen wasteland, you’ll embark on a quest to collect powerful cards to put an end to the everlasting winter. For beginners, this game might be a bit daunting, but don’t worry – our comprehensive guide has you covered. Let’s explore the essential tips & tricks to conquer Wildfrost!



Grasping the Fundamentals:

Wildfrost boasts a unique ‘counter‘ system for playing cards. Cards auto-attack as soon as they’re placed on the battlefield, and their counter reaches zero.


Each card has its own counter, and with special items, you can strategically alter both your own and enemy card counters. Choose your Leader from a variety of tribes, each with unique skills & stats, ensuring that every game is a different experience.



Crafting Your Deck:

To excel in Wildfrost, build a deck that synergizes well and suits your playstyle. Focus on collecting cards that complement each other and work together. For instance, if you have cards that apply snow, look for others that gain bonuses from this status effect. Keep your deck streamlined and effective, with about 6 cards remaining in your hand after everything’s been played or used. This way, you’ll always draw your top cards every turn.



Battle Tactics:

  • Deploy companions early in battle; use the bell to draw them if they’re further back in your deck.


  • Distribute damage among your units, moving them to the backline when their health gets low.


  • Purchase crowns to power up your companions and earn extra turns.


  • Use the bell to reshuffle your hand, searching for your strongest cards rather than playing weaker ones.


  • Only play damage cards if they’ll eliminate a unit or counter a powerful enemy ability.


  • Keep an eye on the enemy wave countdown and adjust your board accordingly.



Managing Resources and Snowdwell Town:

Between runs, you’ll develop and expand Snowdwell Town, unlocking useful cards and features. Regularly check in at the town (accessible from the map menu or ‘DEAD’ screen) to monitor your progress and available unlocks. Spend your gold wisely, prioritizing crowns and charms, as they can greatly boost your odds of success.



Unlocking Cards & Customizing Options:

Progressing through Wildfrost means unlocking new cards, events, and customization options. Try out various combinations to discover the most effective strategies for your playstyle. Keep your deck focused and efficient to maximize success.



Synergies and Killer Combos:

Some cards work exceptionally well together, creating powerful synergies that can tip the scales in your favor. Keep an eye out for these combos and modify your strategy as needed.


Potent cards to watch for include Blank Mask, Noomlin Biscuit, Snowcake, Sunlight Drum, Molten Dip, Pepper Flag + Spice, Big Berry, Snoffel, Chikichi, Foxee, and Yuki.



Daily Runs and Challenges:

Wildfrost keeps things fresh and engaging with daily runs and challenges, offering infinite replayability. Seize these opportunities to test your skills, experiment with new strategies, and find more synergies.



Using Charms and Items:

Charms and items can considerably enhance your cards and strategies. Be mindful of the charms you collect, and attach them to cards that will benefit the most.


For example, adding +2 attack to a card with Barrage or multiple attacks on a short cooldown can create a formidable attacker. On the Deck Overview page, you have the option to equip a charm to a card and save it for later. Remember, once you’ve attached a charm, you cannot unequip it.



Customizing Your Leader & Companions:

Use the ink bottle icon to rename your Leader and Companions, adding a personal touch to your in-game characters and creating a more tailored experience. Just remember to keep them alive and kicking!



Exploring Snowdwell Buildings:

As you progress in the game, you’ll rebuild and unlock a variety of buildings in Snowdwell, each with its own unique benefits. Make sure to visit the Pet House, Tribe Hall, Inventors Hut, Hot Springs, and Icebreaker Cabin to unlock new cards, challenges, and features that will aid you on your journey.



Safeguarding Vital Cards:

Some cards, such as Naked Gnome, are essential for your success. Be sure to protect these cards at all costs, as their abilities can be the deciding factor in a battle.


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