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Zenith: The Last City: Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players

Zenith: The Last City: Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players

As a full-blown VRMMORPG, Zenith: The Last City is a fairly unique beast. It plays and feels like regular online games on PC and consoles but has you fully immersed through the lenses of a head-mounted display. As such, it has adapted mechanics to fit the immersive tech paradigm, meaning you’ll have some adjusting to do in order to enjoy it fully.


Here are some beginner tips and tricks to help you get acclimated to playing Zenith: The Last City.



Understand Godstones & Gestures

It wouldn’t be an MMORPG if Zenith didn’t include ability unlocks. Each sub-class of Blade Master and Essence Mage occupies a role in the “holy trinity” of RPGs. What makes them different are the Godstones that define their playstyles. Each of these skills occupies a single gesture you can use to activate them.


While each motion can only have one active Godstone, you can freely swap them and experiment until you settle on the ones that fit your playstyle. What’s essential is to get used to using these gestures in tandem with your resources so that you can more reliably use them in combat.



Learn Sensitive Gliding

Gliding is one of the best features of Zenith: The Last City. It’s a great way to traverse across the map that’ll give you a far greater sense of scale and freedom. On top of that, it feels fantastic to fly in a VR space. What the game doesn’t tell you is that there are two modes for gliding, called Basic and Sensitive. The former is the default setting which essentially only allows you to glide with very little control. While it’s an excellent way to get started, the real magic of gliding happens when you switch to Sensitive. In this mode, you can control your gliding angle by twisting your hands. It takes a bit getting used to and may make you a bit dizzy at first. Over time, though, with practice, you’ll get used to it and wonder why you didn’t just start with Sensitive from the beginning.


Zenith: The Last City: Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players



Increase Your Stamina

Your Stamina is a critical resource responsible for a variety of actions. It enables you to block attacks, sprint along the ground, glide in the air and do a host of other actions. With so many gameplay elements tied to this resource, you might be wondering why it’s so limited. However, the game does have a way to increase your Stamina, and that is via a series of quests from a statue called Shrine to Amara.


You can find this sculpture after entering the Fractured Planes to the far right. Completing its missions requires collecting teardrop items scattered around the world, so whenever you stumble upon one, do everything you can to grab it.



Revive Other Players

Reviving other players is an essential ability in any MMO, and Zenith is no different. A little known fact the game doesn’t tell you explicitly enough is that you can do so regardless of your sub-class. Instead of being a spell tied to the healing roles, it’s a mechanic that anyone can use to bring back a fallen comrade. When a player gets downed, there’ll be a faint stream of energy emitting from them. It can be hard to spot, but once you do, place your hand on it and wait for the entire line to change color in order to revive the fallen player. Naturally, you’ll need to be sure to clear any mobs and enemies in the vicinity as they’ll happily interrupt your attempt to bring back your buddy.


Zenith: The Last City: Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players



Enhance Your Equipment

The world of Zenith is filled with Enhancement Stations, especially in sanctuaries and safe zones. These facilities are what you use to upgrade your hard-earned gear. What you’ll primarily need is Zen, the game’s currency, and Enhancement Dust. You can collect the former by completing quests, killing monsters, and doing other deeds that reward you. The latter can be collected via other means, including opening chests scattered around the world. The best way to get Enhancement Dust, though, is by dismantling unwanted gear.


Simply open your inventory, grab the item you don’t need, and drag it to the red dust icon on the right side. Be sure to do this often, as you’ll need loads of Dust to enchant your stuff. Once you have enough of both, you can upgrade your equipment’s stats, such as attack power and defense.


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