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Dead by Daylight Beginner’s Guide – 7 Essential Tips for New Players

Dead by Daylight Beginner's Guide - 7 Essential Tips for New Players

Since its debut in 2016 Dead by Daylight has quickly gained popularity as a survival horror game. In this game, you’re part of a group of survivors challenged by a lone killer, with the goal of repairing generators and escaping before the killer catches & eliminates you.


Although the game might initially appear simple, numerous advanced strategies and tactics can provide a competitive edge during matches. If you’re just beginning here are seven clever tips & tricks to enhance your gameplay.


  • As a survivor in Dead by Daylight, it’s crucial for you to know the map layouts and the killer’s abilities. Each map offers unique challenges and opportunities for survivors. For example, some maps have open spaces, making it easier for the killer to spot and chase you, while others have tight corridors that can hinder the killer’s navigation. Knowing the map layout helps you plan escape routes and stay out of the killer’s line of sight.


  • Understanding the killer’s abilities is essential for turning the tables in your favor. Each killer has unique skills for tracking, chasing and attacking survivors. For instance, the Hillbilly uses a chainsaw to cut through obstacles and chase survivors, while the Nurse can teleport short distances to catch up to them. By getting a grasp on the killer’s abilities, you can better predict their moves and plan your escapes accordingly.


  • Keep an eye on the killer’s red stain, which shows up on the ground when they’re nearby. It’s a valuable tool for figuring out their location and movements. Be cautious when you see a red stain, and note its size โ€“ a larger stain means the killer is closer, while a smaller one indicates they’re farther away. If you’re playing as the killer, you should also pay attention to the red stain for clues about the survivors’ locations & movements.


  • Master the art of baiting to manipulate the killer’s or other survivors’ behavior and gain an advantage. Use various tactics, like making noise or performing actions that draw the killer’s attention, to create opportunities to escape or ambush them while they’re distracted. You can also use items like firecrackers or noisemakers to lure the killer away from your location. Be careful not to overuse these items, though, as the killer might catch on to your tactics. Baiting can also help manipulate other survivors’ behavior, like distracting them from a generator you’re repairing.


  • Communication is vital when playing with other survivors. Although Dead by Daylight doesn’t support voice chat, you can still use in-game text chat or platforms like Discord for communication. Listening to your teammates and considering their ideas can significantly improve your chances of survival and victory.


  • Understanding the current meta โ€“ the most popular and effective strategies & character builds โ€“ is essential for success. Stay informed about the latest trends by joining online communities, forums, or following popular streamers and content creators. Experiment with different character builds and strategies to find what works best for you.


  • Become a master generator repairer by prioritizing your repairs, using your tools wisely, and working as a team. Focus on the most important generators first, and communicate with your teammates to repair them more efficiently.


  • Finally, experiment with different playstyles & characters to find your preferred approach. Some characters excel at stealth and surprise attacks, while others are better suited to brute force and overpowering the killer.


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