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Crab Champions Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks for New Players


The gaming industry consistently expands its creative horizons each year, and the recent release of Crab Champions delivers a truly unique and amusing gaming experience. In this quirky and entertaining game, you take control of weapon-wielding crabs on a mission to defeat foes and emerge as the ultimate winner. Our comprehensive beginner’s guide & suggestions will assist you in navigating the game’s distinctive world and refining your tactics to get the most out of your crab adventures.



Grasping the Fundamentals

In Crab Champions, you set out on an adventure to attain the title of champion by maneuvering a crab on an overworld island. Each stage takes you to an island swarming with enemy crabs, ants, pufferfish, and a variety of other opponents. Your goal is to vanquish these foes or endure until the clock runs out.


Upon finishing a stage, you’ll receive a reward in the form of an upgrade of your choice. These enhancements can range from health improvements to damage boosts. You’ll also collect crystals during your quest, which can be spent at the shop island. This in-game marketplace appears every few levels, giving you the chance to acquire upgrades and recover before continuing your pursuit.


To ultimately claim the title of Crab Champion, you must defeat a boss at the end of each biome. Triumphing over your third biome boss will earn you the coveted Crab Champion title.



Weapon Mastery

To access new weapons, visit the main base island and interact with the totem featuring the glowing blue skull. You’ll need four keys to unlock a weapon, which can be earned by defeating bosses and elite enemies. After using all your keys, you’ll start your next run with a new random weapon from the totem.


Crab Champions offers an extensive array of weaponry, including launchers, snipers, and more. To increase your chances of victory, try out different weapons and keep track of your top picks.



Top-Tier Weapons

Some of the most potent and effective weapons in Crab Champions include:


  • Minigun: With its high damage and rapid-fire rate, the Minigun is considered the best weapon in the game. Its quick-firing capability lets you swiftly eliminate several enemies in succession.


  • Burst Pistol: A close rival to the Minigun, the Burst Pistol delivers high-damage bursts with remarkable accuracy. When used correctly, this weapon can be just as effective as the Minigun.


  • Blade Launcher: This extraordinary weapon not only deals high damage but also features reflective projectiles that can hit multiple targets at once. The Blade Launcher excels at slicing through groups of enemies in a single, swift motion.


  • Shotgun Pistol: Packing a powerful punch with each shot, the Shotgun Pistol boasts a decent rate of fire, allowing you to rapidly eliminate several enemies per shot. It’s an excellent choice for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle.


  • Sniper: Perfect for players with a flair for precision, the sniper rifle delivers high-damage scoped shots. Although mastering this weapon can be challenging, it can provide a significant advantage in the hands of a skilled player.



Totem Knowledge

Crab Champions includes nine unique totems, each with its own distinct effects:


  • Health Totem: Provides a 50% chance to either double or halve your maximum health.


  • Crystal Totem: Awards 497 Crystals at the expense of 33% of your health.


  • Chance Totem: Sacrifice 10% of your health for a 25% chance of obtaining a random pickup.


  • Random Totem: Entirely randomizes your current build.


  • Gamble Totem: Offers a 25% chance to drop an item for every 77 Crystals you give it.


  • Fuse Totem: Explodes when you get close enough, so strike it swiftly.


  • Gold Totem: Give up 25% of your health for a legendary item.


  • Greed Totem: Bestows powerful perks with significant drawbacks, such as increased damage output at the expense of reduced health or movement speed.


  • Remove Totem: Eliminates a random upgrade from your build, refunding the full upgrade cost.


Be strategic when interacting with these totems, as their effects can greatly influence your gameplay experience. Evaluate your current build and situation when deciding which totems to engage with.



Mobility and Combat

Mastering movement and combat in Crab Champions is essential for success. Take advantage of sliding and flipping mechanics to cover vast distances in a single leap. Constant motion will help keep you safe from enemy hordes.


Be patient and learn from your initial attempts, as there is a learning curve associated with the game’s movement and combat mechanics.


Remember, practice makes perfect! Focus on unlocking weapons and optimizing your upgrades to become the most formidable crab you can be.



Focus on damage per second (DPS)

Scaling in Crab Champions is exponential, meaning you need to increase your damage, rate of fire, or both to keep up with the game’s difficulty curve. Experiment with different weapons and items to find what works best for your playstyle.



Prioritize economy builds

Early on, it’s essential to build a strong in-game economy. Items like Paycheck, which provides crystals after each island, can help you buy upgrades and items from the shop more reliably than relying on random rewards from chests.



Utilize the salvage mechanic

When opening reward chests, the game calculates what you receive based on your current inventory. Salvaging unwanted items before opening chests increases the chances of receiving better and more useful items. Keep in mind that salvaged items are worth more crystals later in the game, so you may want to wait until you reach a shop before salvaging.



Elemental Mastery

Comprehending the elemental mechanics in Crab Champions is crucial for optimizing your gameplay, particularly when using weapons like the rocket launcher that can apply elemental stacks to multiple enemies. Here’s a summary of the four elements and their effects:


  • Poison: Poison does not deal damage over time (DoT), but instead amplifies all damage dealt by approximately 1% per stack of poison. When using the “timed shots” perk (which increases damage but deals it as DoT), the first tick applies the toxic proc, and the following ticks of damage are amplified.


  • Fire: Setting enemies ablaze applies a DoT and thaws any frozen enemies. At 100 stacks, fire deals around 5 damage about 10 times per second, which equates to roughly 50% of the stacks as DPS.


  • Ice: Ice freezes enemies for around 20ms per stack, with 50 stacks freezing enemies for approximately one second. Freezing enemies clears all stacks of fire.


  • Shock: Shock causes electricity to arc out around the target, hitting nearby enemies. Shock works uniquely, as each tick of damage halves the stacks and zaps the same enemies for 1/2 of the previous tick. Each tick occurs roughly every 1/10th of a second. The damage output and interaction with stacks decrease in a non-linear fashion.


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