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WWE 2K23: How to Perform a Suicide Dive


A suicide dive is a daring and high-stakes aerial feat in professional wrestling, where a wrestler leaps through the ropes to launch an attack on an opponent positioned outside the ring. This awe-inspiring move is a testament to the wrestler’s agility, power & audacity, often serving as a game-changer in a match. Now that we’ve captured the spirit of a suicide dive, let’s dive into the specifics of executing this remarkable move in WWE 2K23.



Xbox Series XIS and Xbox One:

  • First, start running by holding LT and moving the left stick.


  • When you’re near the ropes, hit either X or A to dive through them like a boss!



PlayStation 4 and 5:

  • To get your wrestler sprinting, hold L2 and move the left stick.


  • Once you’re close to the ropes, press Square or X to launch yourself into that epic suicide dive!



PC (Keyboard):

  • Begin running by holding the Left Shift key and using the WASD keys to move.


  • As you approach the ropes, tap either J or K to execute the spectacular suicide dive! Always remember that the key to mastering the suicide dive lies in your timing and precision.


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