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WWE 2K23: How to Get Weapons From Under the Ring


In WWE 2K23, utilizing weapons from under the ring can enhance your gameplay experience. This guide will provide instructions for retrieving weapons on Xbox, PlayStation & PC platforms. Be aware that certain rings and match types may have different weapons or access limitations.



How to Retrieve and Use Weapons

First, take control of your character and walk towards the middle of the ring apron. Make sure you are positioned at the correct side of the ring; some rings have screens, which means you can only access weapons from the left & right sides. If the ring has aprons on all four sides, you can use any side.


  • Initiate weapon retrieval by pressing LB on Xbox, L1 on PlayStation, or U on PC.


  • Select a weapon using the left stick on Xbox and PlayStation or the WASD keys on PC.


  • Retrieve the weapon by pressing A on Xbox, X on PlayStation, or K on PC.


Remember, the weapons available under the ring may vary depending on the match type and the specific arena you’re playing in.



Tips & Tricks

  • Each weapon brings its own flavor and tactics to the table, so explore the diverse arsenal at your disposal. From chairs and tables to ladders and kendo sticks, there’s always a new and exciting way to take down your opponents.


  • In some match types, excessive weapon usage can lead to disqualification. So, keep things strategic and stay mindful of when to unleash your inner weapon master.


  • Make the most of your surroundings, too! The ringside area is the perfect playground for creating jaw-dropping, edge-of-your-seat moments with your arsenal. Use the environment to your advantage & watch your matches come alive.


  • And don’t forget โ€“ you’re the boss!!! Customize your matches by handpicking specific weapon types or craft your very own weapon wheel for quick access under the ring. Unleash your creativity and make every match truly unforgettable!


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