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WWE 2K23: How to Light Tables on Fire + Table Finishers


The spectacle of a WWE match is something that other sports and programming can only hope to match. There isn’t really anything else that combines violence, comedy, and drama on TV the way WWE does. At least, nothing that features big greasy dudes with varying levels of facial hair.


With WWE 2K23, those big greasy dudes can now run riot in your own living room, or wherever you enjoy your video game time. And, if you want to spice up your time with your favorite wrestling video game, we have an extra-hot guide for you today. Seriously, its… flamin’ hot…. Like the Cheetos.


In this guide, we’re going to show you how to light tables on fire and, even better, use those smoldering surfaces to finish off your opponents in glorious fashion. So get your fire extinguisher ready, because we’re gonna get into these hot tips right now!


  • In order to set a table on fire, you first need at least one finisher stocked up. When you’ve fought up to that point, find a table that has been set up and stand next to it. Before too long, a message will pop up that says “Ignite It”, and you can light it on fire by pressing right trigger and A on Xbox, or R2 & X on PlayStation. It’s also worth noting that this feature isn’t just for men. You can also light tables on fires in Women’s matches if you want to get extra rowdy. Table fires are also possible in all match types.


  • If you don’t have a table to light in the first place, you can set one up pretty easily. Just find a flat table and press left bumper on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation to pick it up. Then you can press A on Xbox or X on PlayStation to put it down and set it up or press the same buttons while standing on a corner of the ring to lean it up against that corner.


  • Now for the finishers. To start, you have to Irish Whip or drag your opponent to a table. Once they are in position, you press right trigger and A on Xbox, or R2 and X on PlayStation to do an awesome finisher on the flaming table you set up before. You will need to assign a table finisher in the create-a-moveset for your character.


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