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WWE 2K23: How to Create Lobbies & Wrestle With Friends Online


Whether you’re a die-hard John Cena fan or entranced by Roman Reigns’ luscious locks, you’re probably excited that WWE 2K is back again. The 2023 installment of the wildly popular wrestling games hopes to further improve the series after the overhaul that was WWE 2K22. The series had begun to stagnate and quality was low for several years, but 2K22 turned it around and from what I’ve seen of 2K23, we could be looking at yet another leap forward in quality and wrestling action.


If you’re already playing the game, congratulations! Some fans I’m sure are saving up their allowance to pick up a copy, but those lucky enough to already have their hands on it might like some helpful guides to enhance their experience. We’ll have plenty of those coming for you right here in the coming weeks, but we’re going to start off with something aimed at camaraderie and fun with your friends.


Creating an online lobby! Sure you could jump into matchmaking and take on random players, but if you’d rather create a space where just you and your friends can goof off and test each other’s skills, then this is the way to do it. So turn up the volume, start your intro music, and let’s get this party started!



How to Play With Friends in All Game Modes

  • On WWE 2K23’s start screen, you’ll be almost bombarded with game modes. There’s Showcase, Universe, MyFaction, MyRise, MyGM, and, of course, Play. We aren’t working with any of those today. No, instead we are going to press the right bumper button twice to switch on over to the Online page.


  • Once there, you’ll see another six options front and center, but the one we want is on the top left, Lobbies. Press the confirmation button on that, and you’ll be brought to another page that shows an empty lobby list. We’re almost there! Now, you’re going to want to press the Square Button on PlayStation, or the X Button on Xbox to Create a Lobby. This will take you to some options for your lobby, including match type, match rules, and which arena you’re going to use.


  • There are plenty of things to choose from in each category, so just go through them & customize your lobby however you like. There’s just as much if not more customizability this year than there has been in past years, so make sure you’re taking note of all of your options. When you have your parameters set, then you’ll press the Options Button on PlayStation or the Start Button on Xbox to lock everything in.


  • The next page will be the character select screen, where you can choose your wrestler from WWE 2K23’s entire roster as well as invite your friends. To invite friends, scroll over to one of the empty portraits with the plus sign in them, press the confirmation button, and then a list of your online friends will show up. Select the friend you’d like to play with, and then they will receive an invite and be able to join your game. You can have up to eight players total in a lobby, so if you have seven online friends, you’re good to go!


And as easy as that, you could have one hell of a game night with your friends online! I hope this guide was helpful for all of you WWE 2K fans out there, and be sure to keep an eye out for more guides coming from us very soon! Whatever you might need some help with, we will probably have a guide that covers it.


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