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WWE 2K23 – How to Select Trio Entrance for Tag Teams


In the world of WWE, a trio entrance is a wicked cool entrance sequence crafted for tag teams with three wrestlers, often called a trio or stable. These entrances are a cut above your standard solo wrestler entrances, designed to flaunt the tag team’s unity and tight-knit teamwork.


The trio entrance typically comes with its own dope music, flashy lighting, and rad special effects, sometimes even featuring slick synchronized moves or choreography to really drive home that these guys are tight as a team.


When it comes to WWE 2K23, players can choose and trick out their own trio entrance for their tag teams. Here’s how:


  • Ditch the roster menu: You won’t find what you’re looking for there.


  • Head to Creations: From the main menu, swing on over to the Creations section and pick “Entrance“.


  • Select Team Entrance: Inside the Entrance section, click on “Team” to access team entrance settings.


  • Pick your tag team: Choose the tag team you want to spruce up.


  • Locate Trio Entrance options: With your tag team selected, you’ll find the “Trio Entrance” option.


  • Snag a Trio Entrance: Browse the available Trio Entrances and nab the one that vibes with your tag team the most.


Boom! You’ve nailed it – you’ve picked a Trio Entrance for your tag team in WWE 2K23. Be sure to check out our other guides for WWE 2K23 to amp up your game even more.


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