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All WWE 2K23 Controls for PS4 & PS5

John Felix Anthony Cena in WWE 2K23

For myself and many others, the big day is finally here. The day when I get to march down to my local GameStop, wait in line, and purchase this year’s edition of WWE 2K. It has become a yearly tradition and one that I cherish greatly. There’s nothing better than coming home, popping the disk in, and waiting thirty to forty minutes for the game to download & install all of the updates it needs.


Ok, that last part is terrible, but it’s commonplace for any game you buy now.


But once you get into the newest WWE 2K game, it’s glorious. All of your favorite wrestlers are there, the comprehensive character creator is ready for action, and the ring is just begging for conflict. And with WWE 2K23 on shelves now, things are going to get even better.


PlayStation fans can always rely on an excellent WWE experience, and PS4/PS5 gamers have probably already started digging into the newest release. However, this isn’t your grandpa’s WWE 2K game. WWE 2K23 is accessible for sure, but also has some pretty serious mechanical depth. So if you want to get the most out of this newest wrestling game, there’s no shame in seeking out some help. Even the best of the best get a leg up from time to time.


That’s why I’m here to provide PlayStation WWE 2K23 players with the comprehensive controls guide for both PS4 and PS5. Sure the PS5 has the shinier graphics of the two, but that doesn’t mean that PS4 players can’t have fun. As you look over this guide, you’ll notice that it has all of the information you need to get started, and it is expertly organized to boot. Keep it open while you play in case you need to reference something mid-match!



Basic Controls



  • Wake Up Taunt: D-Pad Up


  • Taunt Crowd: D-Pad Left


  • Taunt Opponent: D-Pad Right


  • Change Payback: D-Pad Down


  • Pause: Options Button


  • Move: Left Stick


  • Change Target: R3


  • Grab: Circle


  • Reversal: Triangle


  • Block: Triangle (Hold)


  • Light Attack: Square


  • Heavy Attack: X


  • Pin: Right Stick Down


  • Pick Up Object: L1


  • Re-position Opponent: Right Stick D-Pad Up, Left and Right


  • Payback: R2 + Triangle


  • Submission: R2 + Circle


  • Signature: R2 + Square


  • Finisher: R2 + X



Advanced Controls


After Grab (Circle):

  • Light Grapple Attacks: Left Stick Any Direction + Square


  • Heavy Grapple Attacks: Left Stick Any Direction + X


  • Irish Whip: Left Stick Any Direction + Circle


  • Strong Irish Whip: Left Stick Any Direction + Hold Circle




  • After Light Attack (Square), continue pressing Square / X / Circle to perform a combo




  • During Opponent’s Grab or Combo, press Square / X / Circle to counter an attack of the same type




  • Initiate Carry (After Pressing Circle to Grab): R1 + Left Stick


  • Interrupt into Carry (While Performing a Qualifying Grapple): Press R1


  • Environmental Attack: Press Square From Carry


  • Slam: Press X From Carry


  • Throw Over Ropes / Off Stage: Press Circle From Carry


  • Escape Carry (As Defender): Tap Circle Repeatedly


  • Change Carry Position: Right Stick any direction


  • Powerbomb: R1 + Left Stick Up


  • Cradle: R1 + Left Stick Down


  • Fireman’s Carry: R1 + Left Stick Left


  • Shoulder Carry: R1 + Left Stick Right




After Grab (X):

  • Initiate Drag (While in a Grab): L1


  • Release Drag (While Dragging): L1


  • Move (While Dragging): Left Stick


  • Environmental Attack (While Dragging): Square


  • WHIP: Circle


  • Escape Drag (As Defender): Tap Circle Repeatedly




  • Pick Up Object: L1


  • Grab Object From under the Ring (At Apron): L1


  • Climb Ladder: R1


  • Primary Attack: Square


  • Secondary Attack / Place Object: X


  • Drop Object: Circle


  • Lift Opponent onto Table (Facing Opponent Leaning against Table): Right Stick Up


  • Block: Y (Hold)


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