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WWE 2K23: How to Do a Catching Finisher to End Matches in Style

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I watched a lot of WWE programming, perhaps too much as I was growing up. This was probably not much different from other people my age, because WWE was very popular at the time. However, starting from a young age, when people tend to be their most impressionable, might have led to a little more real-life pain than anyone could have foreseen. I remember watching a match one time where one wrestler climbed onto the turnbuckle and jumped off of it to do an aerial attack, only to be caught by their opponent, spun around and slammed down onto the mat. Just like that, the match was over…


I was stunned. That was the first time I ever saw a catching finisher and Iโ€™ve been chasing that high since that very day. I would perform the move on objects, clothing, my younger siblings, anything that I could pick up without too much hassle. I eventually grew out of performing the move, but my fascination with it never ended.


  • So, it is my great pleasure today to bring you this guide that covers how to perform a catching finisher in WWE 2K23, the latest and greatest installment in EAโ€™s WWE 2K series. So limber up and get ready to do some slamming!


  • The first way to perform a catching finisher is to get your opponent in the air all on your own. To do that, youโ€™ll need to perform an Irish Whip by pressing B twice on Xbox or Circle twice on PlayStation. This will throw them into the ropes, and when they come back youโ€™ll press LB on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation to chuck them up into the air. While gravity does its thing, perform your finisher by pressing RT & A on Xbox or R2 and X on PlayStation to grab them out of the air and slam them down. Thatโ€™ll teach them!


  • The second and final way to perform a catching finisher is to seize an opportunity when your opponent foolishly presents it to you. If for some reason they climb the turnbuckle to jump off of the top rope, perform your finisher with RT and A on Xbox or R2 and X on PlayStation as soon as they go to jump off. This will also initiate a catching finisher, though your timing has to be pretty good to nail it in this scenario.


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