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WWE 2K23: How to Perform a Front Light Grapple

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A front light grapple is a maneuver that enables your wrestler to grab their opponent from the front, while both characters are in a standing position. This move helps you control the pace of the match and opens up opportunities for executing various attacks or transitions. The front light grapple typically involves less aggressive moves, like wrist locks and headlocks, compared to a front strong grapple, which allows for more powerful attacks.



Step-by-Step Guide on How to Perform a Front Light Grapple in WWE 2K23:

Approach your opponent: Make sure your wrestler is facing their opponent, and both characters are standing close to each other.


Initiate the grapple: To initiate the front light grapple in WWE 2K23, press the appropriate button for your platform:


  • Xbox One & Xbox Series XIS: Press the ‘B’ button


  • PlayStation 4 & 5: Press the ‘Circle’ button


  • PC (Keyboard): Press the ‘L’ key


Perform the front light grapple move: To execute the front light grapple move, use the left stick (or ‘WASD’ keys on PC) to move your character while pressing the corresponding action button:


  • Xbox One & Xbox Series XIS: Move the left stick and press ‘X’


  • PlayStation 4 & 5: Move the left stick and press ‘Square’


  • PC (Keyboard): Press WASD along with the ‘J’ key simultaneously wrestler will perform a front light grapple move on your opponent. As you master this technique, you can experiment with different types of moves within the front light grapple category to diversify your wrestling arsenal.



Tips for Effective Front Light Grappling:

  • Timing is crucial when executing a front light grapple. Make sure to initiate the grapple when your opponent is not attacking or preparing for a counter move.


  • Stamina management: Keep an eye on your wrestler’s stamina. Regularly performing grapple moves can drain your stamina, making it harder to execute powerful attacks later in the match.


  • Mixing it up: Don’t rely solely on front light grapples. Mix up your moves and incorporate other grapples, strikes & aerial attacks to keep your opponent guessing.


  • Master reversals: Learn how to reverse your opponent’s grapple moves effectively. Mastering reversals can help you regain control of the match and turn the tide in your favor.


  • Use your surroundings: Take advantage of the environment in the ring, such as using the ropes or turnbuckles, to perform more advanced grapple moves & inflict additional damage on your opponent.


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