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How to Irish Whip in WWE 2K23: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Move


The Irish Whip is a fundamental wrestling move that can set up your opponent for various follow-up moves, such as a clothesline, dropkick, or other high-impact attacks. It is essential to master this move as it provides a foundation for creating high paced and dynamic matches in WWE 2K23.



Basic Controls

The controls for the Irish Whip may vary depending on your gaming platform.



PlayStation 4/5:

  • Grapple your opponent by pressing and holding the X button.


  • Press and hold the Circle button to initiate the Irish Whip.



Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One:

  • Grapple your opponent by pressing & holding the A button.


  • Press and hold the Bย to initiate the Irish Whip.


Remember to aim your left joystick towards the direction you want to throw your opponent. If you release the Irish Whip button too early, your wrestler will let go of the opponent without performing the move.



Advanced Irish Whip Techniques

There are some advanced techniques to enhance the effectiveness of your Irish Whip:


  • Reversing an Irish Whip: When an opponent attempts to Irish Whip you, press the reversal button (R2 on PS5/4, RT on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One) with proper timing to reverse the move and send your opponent into the ropes instead.


  • Running Irish Whip: After performing an Irish Whip, press the sprint button (L2 on PS5/4, LT on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One) to run towards your opponent, closing the distance and setting up for a powerful follow-up attack.


  • Corner Irish Whip: Aim the left joystick towards a turnbuckle and execute an Irish Whip to send your opponent crashing into the corner. This maneuver can lead to various corner-specific moves and combos.



How to Use Irish Whip Effectively

  • Use the Irish Whip to create space between you & your opponent, allowing you to catch your breath or plan your next move.


  • Employ the Irish Whip to set up high-impact moves such as clotheslines, dropkicks, or spears, which can cause significant damage and potentially lead to a pinfall.


  • Use the Corner Irish Whip to trap your opponent in the corner and execute powerful corner moves.



Useful Tips and Tricks

  • Stamina โ€“ the silent guardian: Getting carried away with the Irish Whip can deplete your stamina in a flash. Give your wrestler some breathing room to recover or you might find yourself in a world of hurt.


  • Stand your ground, warrior: You’re not the only one who knows the art of the Irish Whip. Be prepared to counter it by nailing the reversal button (Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation) with impeccable timing.


  • Seize the moment: Successfully countering an Irish Whip is your chance to shine. Unleash a Whip Reversal by pressing the grapple button (A on Xbox or X on PS5) immediately after the counter, and let them know who’s in charge.


  • Explore the wrestlerverse: Every wrestler boasts a unique style, and it’s up to you to find your perfect match. Experiment with the Irish Whip using different characters and discover which one brings out the champion in you.


  • Perfect timing is key: Don’t go whipping opponents willy-nilly. Keep a keen eye on their moves and be patient. Wait for that golden opportunity when they’re off-balance, and you’ll have a better chance at success.


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