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WWE 2K23: The Ultimate Guide to Throwing Opponents Out of the Ring

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Becoming a WWE 2K23 champion requires strategy, skill and mastery of various techniques to dominate the ring. One crucial skill to master is the art of throwing opponents out of the ring. This comprehensive guide will teach you the ins & outs of multiple strategies, giving you an edge over your adversaries.



The Classic Irish Whip:

  • Approach your opponent and initiate the grapple by pressing the grapple button (typically A (PS5)/X (Xbox) on most controllers).


  • Execute the Irish Whip by pressing the directional stick towards the ropes and the grapple button (A/X) simultaneously.


  • As your opponent bounces back from the ropes, quickly initiate the button-tapping mini-game to send him over the top rope.


  • Maintain your timing and tapping speed to keep your opponent off balance and ultimately send him out of the ring.



Cornered and Conquered:

  • Force your opponent into the corner of the ring using standard grapple moves or by strategically maneuvering him.


  • Once your opponent is cornered, perform an Irish Whip (directional stick + A/X) to make him/her vulnerable.


  • Trigger the button-tapping mini-game and dominate it to keep your opponent clinging to the ropes.


  • Continue your relentless tapping assault to send your opponent plummeting to the floor outside the ring.



The Unstoppable Elimination:

  • Build up your finisher meter by successfully executing various moves throughout the match. This can be achieved by landing strikes, performing grapples, and countering your opponent’s attacks.


  • Store your finisher by pressing the corresponding button (usually Y/Triangle on most controllers). Be sure to keep an eye on your finisher meter to know when it’s full and ready for use.


  • Strategically position your rival in the corner of the ring using grapples, Irish Whips, or by simply maneuvering him into place. Ensure that your opponent’s back is against the turnbuckle and that he is momentarily stunned or weakened.


  • Approach your cornered opponent and press the finisher button (Y/Triangle) to initiate your stored finisher. This will trigger a unique animation and move that is specific to your chosen wrestler.


  • Watch as your unstoppable finisher sends your opponent flying over the top rope and out of the ring. This powerful move not only guarantees elimination, but it also showcases your wrestling prowess in a jaw-dropping, crowd-pleasing spectacle. Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you play WWE 2K23 and familiarize yourself with the controls, the more effective you will be at executing these techniques.


WWE 2K23: How to Break the Ring


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